Friday, December 12, 2008

What's Old Is New

So last year, I didn't decorate much because of my bedrest prior to the boys' birth and lack of energy afterward so this year it was extra fun to pull out my Christmas stuff. It became brand new to me all over again. I shop a lot after the holidays so there was some stuff that I hadn't even used yet. Here's a little of what I was able to do this year. Tis the Season!!!

I got a cheap smaller tree to go up on the end table this year due to the 4 extra hands & 20 chubby fingers to help me out this year.


Jeremy and Debbie said...

Beautiful as usual! You have such great stuff, and the touch for it to look just perfect! So glad you felt like decorating this year.
Merry Christmas!

*LaUrA* said...

SMART move with the Christmas saved yourself a lot of headache. Your decorations are sooo cute! Looks great. I can't seem to decorate without it looking tacky...I think I am cursed.

Jason, Amanda, Brayden and Dillon said...

Amy you are so darn talented....just like your mother!!! I LOVE your Christmas decorations! You will probably be able to really enjoy Christmas this pumping, no recovery to deal with...and two fun boys who are going to be hilarious!!!

Lacy said...

I really like your nativity set. Everything looks very festive and classy. The tree looks looks like it could have come pre-decorated, so if you did that yourself ... wow!