Friday, December 12, 2008

Temple Lights

To kick off the Christmas season, we headed to Salt Lake to see the lights on Temple Square with all of Shane's fam. I hadn't been back to see the lights for awhile. It was beautiful, as always. Thanks for a great weekend.
The whole fam!

All bundled up! Don't they look thrilled???

The babes. Doesn't Carson remind you of the boy on "Christmas Story?" "Ralphy (in an extra whiny voice) I can't put my arms down!"


Jaylynn said...

Cute pictures Amy, my sis said she had a lot of fun and the lights were amazing! I havn't been down for awhile either to see them, so you're pictures are fun to see, so gorgeous all lit up!

Claire said...

You got some good pictures!! We went there too and it was FREEZING, but pretty. So, you were in Salt Lake and didn't come see us!!?!?!? It's ok. Family first. But it would've been fun to see you guys again. :)