Monday, December 29, 2008

Tucker Christmas

We celebrated Christmas early with Shane's fam & had a great time. Tom & Annette spoiled everyone with the Nintendo Wii...SO FUN! They always do too much & this year was no exception. Here are just a few pics of our first Christmas celebration.

The two who made it all happen, Tom & Annette
Brady & Katie

Jeremy, Debbie, Tanner & Clayton

Phil, Brooke & Chase


julie said...

Wait, you got a Wii?! Can I come over? I want Wii Fit..then I can hula-hoop my way to fitness.

*LaUrA* said...

Luuuuckkyyyyy....I wanna Wii! Well at least I think I do...I haven't really played it more than a few minutes...but everyone else seems to like it so I am sure I would too...sheesh...makes the Havoc Heli seem small in comparison;)

John and Anna said...

Your Christmas looks so fun! And even though I've only seen pictures, your boys look like they're getting so big! I bet they're at a busy but entertaining age.