Friday, December 12, 2008

Party Time

We've been enjoying the annual Christmas parties. Here are just a few pictures from the most recent and infamous Ward Christmas Party!
First time with the Jolly Old Man! No tears were shed=SUCCESS!!!

Santa's little cute is she?

The two little identical twin girls in our ward...almost exactly a year older than the boys. They were the cutest reindeer ever!


Lacy said...

O.k. twins are too fun. They are just a bundle whos cuteness never ends! I love the baby blue.

melinda! said...

Sure the boys are darling, but all I could look at was your hair. So CUTE!

Jaylynn said...

Your boys look so grown up in those cute sweaters! They are darling! Ok well my husband would say, you can't call boys girly things, so they are soooo babyboy Handsome! Very picture perfect!

Nelly said...

I love your family pictures! What a beautiful little family! The photographer (is that Jacque Morgan's sister?) did such a good job getting candid shots!

Jessica said...

so cute!