Tuesday, August 21, 2012

St. Thomas: Part ONE

We were so excited to visit St. Thomas.  We had heard fabulous things about this island and it did not disappoint.  It. Is. Gorgeous!  Really.  So, so beautiful.  I loved it.  The first half of our day involved walking and shopping.  It's quite the experience to shop these markets that live purely off of tourists.  One of a kind shopping experience for sure.  I think it's fun to get a feel for the locals and interact with the people a little.  But it's like they know you are super vulnerable...feeling like you have to buy stuff just because you are there.  And they do all they can to convince you of exactly that!  And if you know me at all you know that I love to shop.  Naturally, I am a sucker for situations like these.  Good thing I have Shane by my side to balance me out!
Taken before we stepped foot on the island.  Excited to be there!
Watch out St. Thomas.  The Tuckers have arrived!!!
Gorgeous I tell you...
And look who was waiting to welcome us.  So impressed by the hospitality!
These open-air taxi's were crazy.  Pick ups with seats cut into the beds of the trucks.  Shane thought they were pretty sweet.  After walking around a bit right by the ship, we took a taxi to the downtown shopping.
Our ship is the one on the left.
Happy Mom!  This was also the only day we were able to connect with our family back home.  Thanks to Brady and Katie, I was able to use their phone to call my sister and check in with my boys.  Carson and Cade talked to me all but two seconds.  I think Cade uttered "Hi" and "Bye." Carson made sure to tell me which spots the Mazda, Jeep, and Lindsay's Honda were parked in.  Phew.  I was worried about that!  Lindsay also informed me that Carson only wanted to call her "Mom" and kept telling her over and over how much he loved her.  I was comforted in knowing that if Shane and I were to never return home, my children would be perfectly happy.  Thanks Lindsay!  Someday when I'm tired (and still living), I'm just going to send them to live with you.  Is that okay?! :) 
I'm happy to report that I didn't spend all of my life's earnings in St. Thomas.  I resisted the temptation and just savored the ambiance of it all.  Okay.  I did buy one thing (for myself), and stuff for my kids, of course, with NO regrets.  After our morning of shopping and walking, we got back in our taxi and headed to the beach.  Yeehaw!  


Shan Reid said...

It all looks heavenly! So glad you got to have this awesome experience with family.