Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

The boys had their 1st experience with swimming lessons this summer.  I am happy to report that there was not a single tear shed and that their 4 individual ribbons are still proudly hanging in their rooms (in really unattractive places...with scotch tape.  Nice).  It was great.  Small class, only 4 total and comfy warm water.  They had no fear and completely dominated their class.  It's like they always have each other, are never alone, and therefore never out of their comfort zones.  The two of them together are pretty unstoppable.  Maybe that's why the no fear and domination always seem to be present?  That's my theory anyway.  But they were the ring leaders in swimming like they tend to be in most of their social settings.  This seems like a fitting moment to make my twin plug.  The. BEST!  When they hate each other in high school, I will pull out the..."well when you were 4 years old, you two were best friends and inseparable"...card.
So here we are on the 1st day at the pool.    
I LOVE this picture below.  See what Carson is doing?  He's pinching Cade.  Okay, so maybe they aren't always the best of friends.  They sure know how to drive each other NUTS!  I feel like a real Mom when I hear myself saying (loudly), "Stop touching your brother!!!" a million times a day!

Being Motor Boats.  Their favorite.

Getting ready for a full blown dunk.  ONE......
Yay Caders!  Let it be noted that this boy was deathly afraid and would NEVER put his face in the water before lessons began.  Now he's a fish swimming with his eyes open.  Amazing.
Carson's turn.  Except I think I got distracted since I don't have the sequential pics for him.  Sorry Carson.  Lame Mom moment!
I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two swim every morning.  I feel like the luckiest, most blessed gal EVER.  My boys are beautiful, smart, kind, and my little buds.  I'm incredibly grateful that I get to be their Mom.


Amber said...

Quinn needs a twin. Maybe life wouldn't scare her so much

Your boys are so awesome. I always have to laugh at myself when I tell my kids to not touch each other :)