Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cruisin' Part Two...CocoCay

Day number 2 was to be our first Royal Caribbean's own private island CocoCay.  It is small and not commercialized at all.  CocoCay was going to be our all day beach and snorkel day.  Unfortunately, weather was not on our side, I know...rude!  It was windy and rainy.  Because of the island's small size, there was no actual port.  The ship has to be a distance away and the only way to get to the island was by a small ferry.  With the crazy winds and rain, it became dangerous to try to get everyone onto the island.  So.  We left CocoCay without getting off.  Dang!  It really was a bummer.  Our whole week only had 3 ports to begin with, so to end up with only 2 for the whole 7 days was less than ideal.  Made for an extra day on the ship.  Good news is, we were on a huge ship with lots to do!  And we tried our best to do it all.  On board were a bunch of Dreamworks characters.  These pictures were taken mostly for the kids.  They are by far Carson and Cade's favorites!     

Up close and personal with Po!

Gotta get this picture in for Carson!

That night was our first formal night.  Pics to come!


Desarae Fowler said...

you met alex the lion? lucky.
That REALLY stinks that you couldn't get off. I'd be pretty disappointed too :( 3?