Monday, August 27, 2012

Cruisin: St. Maarten, Part ONE

 Our next stop was to St. Maarten.  This is what we saw when we first got in to port.  It was a little overcast but still beautiful.  This island is the smallest to be shared by two countries.  Half of it is Dutch and the other half is French.  We got off the ship bright and early and headed to a place called Loterie Farms to zip-line.  This was something I'd never done before and was super excited about it.  And I think we had the perfect place.  It. Was. Awesome!  One of my favorites from the whole trip.  It was exhilarating and exciting physically, but it was the location and ambiance that made it so great.
This was on our way.
The grounds were just beautiful!  It was like a mini-spa--plus zip lining---plus cafe.  I just loved it.
 The gang (minus Jeremy/photographer) waiting to go!  We took a taxi on our own rather than taking the excursion through the cruise line.  I think it was the right way to do it.  We beat the giant group up there and basically got to go through it all as our own little group.

 Banana Tree!!!!!!! we are up in the trees!!!  Shane lead the way.  It wasn't just zip-line but more like a zip-line + ropes course.  We went from tree to tree to tree through different obstacles. (P.S. we weren't supposed to have cameras with us.  They had a place to leave them until the end.  I snuck mine in my pocket and lived a little on the edge to catch some pictures.  Such a rule breaker.  I'm so glad we got these!)
 I can't get over our surroundings.  So, so cool!

 Yes it was beautiful.  But it was also CRAZY hot, humid, and sticky.  We were dripping by the end....and maybe also at the beginning!
  Right before we took this picture, a mango fell down from one of the trees.  Sweet local gal let us take the goodness. 
I really, really enjoyed this activity.  A lot.  Highly recommend it.