Monday, August 29, 2011

Fairy Tale

Shane and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage today. Seems crazy that it was a whole year ago that we were celebrating our 7th in beautiful McCall. Aww. That was a good weekend. We were talking about how we were wishing we were there again. But we're not. Shane is hard at work, and so am I. You can't expect fairy tale anniversaries every year, right? We are going out tonight for many hours without the kids and it's going to be great. That in and of itself is pretty much a fairy tale in my mind.

My friend recently celebrated an anniversary and blogged about it. I commented that I would just reference her anniversary post for mine. She thought I was kidding. I wasn't. Hope she doesn't mind! But is was so good. So funny. So real. Shane read it and had the same thoughts. Go read it.

And just so this is not a complete cop-out. Here are a few little tidbits about us:

  • We've moved only ONCE in our entire marriage. On top of that, we didn't even move cities, just across town. Boise is our home of all eight years.
  • We love to go out to eat. Oddly enough, we don't have an absolute favorite/default place we always go and we are bugged by that a little. And we've lived here forever! It's like we can't remember what we loved so much about a certain place to return time after time after time. We aren't at all picky and will go anywhere anytime but we're slow to come up with a great place all on our own. Maybe we're a little dense? Took us forever to decide where to go stand-outs, see?! We are going somewhere we've never been...maybe this will be "the" place!
  • We also watch and rent movies a lot. I am a complete remote control freak. I can't watch a movie without having all remotes needed at my side. I really can't. No one controlling the volume but me! Shane is always a little annoyed. :)
  • Right after he got home from his mission, he went to the high school show choir performance, Jive, with a friend. It was the end of my senior year. They sat close to the front, dead center. We hadn't talked or anything. From on stage I totally caught him staring at me and we locked eyes multiple times. Went home and told my mom about it. It freaked me out a little. Shortly after, he asked me out. I said no. I'm lucky he asked again 2 years later.
  • Me: night person. Shane: morning person. We don't understand why one person can't be more like the other. We both try. We both fail.
  • We grew up in the same ward in Twin Falls. Were we friends? No. Did we ever think twice about each other growing up? Nope. Funny how things change.
  • He tells me that I'm beautiful everyday. Always.
  • I let him buy an old go-kart to restore(that's pretty much the equivalent of him telling me I'm beautiful!).
I love this man with my whole heart. He is my most favorite person and the only one I want to share all of the ups and downs with. He knows me and understands me. He knows me so well, in fact, that he agreed that instead of a weekend getaway full of romantical things, he would woo me with a new oven. Flat top. Easy to clean. Talk about living a fairy tale!


Shane and Amy Jo said...

Nothing says marital bliss like a new cooking appliances.

You are my favorite person and I am so blessed to have you as my wife. Thanks for 8 wonderful years.


julie said...

oh look how romantic!

So I've talked to your mom about how Shane spoils you and how I'm jealous. So yay!

I loved this blog! No one needs to read mine, this one was perfect.

Actually, maybe you didn't reference mine, but you said you would so I assumed..hahah

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your dinner, and remember it!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Happy 8 years to our most favorite couple :-) We love you guys and hope you have an awesome anniversary. Great post Amy!!

Kristen. Jason. Sofie said...

i love reading your blog! you are a great writer! and i hope that sometime our families can spend more time together! have a wonderful anniversary! congratulations!!

Lara said...

K I loved this post. It was a fun read. You really do sound perfect for eachother. Having a best friend in a husband is the biggest blessing!
Oh and I am curious as to why you said no the first time Shane asked you out. I love hearing stories like that!
Happy anni!

The McGary's said...

You two would be so fun to hang out with. Too bad we are a few states away:) Happy 8 years!

Marie Photographie said...

Ah, you guys are so cute! Wish we could hang out with your guys! Happy Anniversary!

Jason, Amanda, Brayden and Dillon said...

Yay! Happy 8 years! Did you cut your hair?!! I love it!
Please move here...there is a house for sale right by me...It is perfect for you....

Steph said...

Love the back-story! You two are awesome! Hope it was a great #8! :)