Sunday, August 7, 2011

Making Memories

Hmmm...where to start? I mentioned that we would be losing our date night buddies. Sore subject. We are all in mourning. Our dear friends Nate & Desi are off on a new adventure. I really want to be happy for them but I'm too busy feeling sorry for myself. I'll get to the happy-for-them stage later.

Desi and I go way back. She took piano from my aunt and had my cousins as friends back in Kansas as a child years before becoming my neighbor. Small world. Years in the same Ward. High School. Wedding receptions. All the good stuff. Having her as a neighbor again for the past year has been awesome, to say the least. It's been so fun to re-connect at this stage in life, and I want them to move back tomorrow.

We had a final date night before they drove away in the moving van...but this time we went without the kids. We wanted to do something fun. Something more than just dinner out (which is my most favorite thing). Shane has been all go-kart talk for awhile now so the men humored him and went along with some go-kart racing, sadly not on Shane's kart. Soon people, soon. We headed to Fast Lane. As you can imagine, it was a success. The husband's got their fill of speed, competition, and felt like race car drivers for a night. The wives did their duty as supportive cheerleaders. And the best part, delicious food prepared & cleaned up by someone other than myself. Shane is still trying to get me pumped up to go back and have my own adrenaline rush of a race. Not quite convinced I want to wear the head gear. You can see why. :)

Head sock=check. Neck brace=check. Helmet=check.
Isn't this the funniest picture? Shane has been growing a beard in preparation for our Trek, but with the helmet all you see is the Stache. Reminds me a little too much of Napoleon's buddy Pedro.

The human podium in head socks. Awesome.

Great people. Great activity. Great night. I really do wish them all the best. They deserve it. Cade and Carson told me today that after naps they were going to California to play with Jack. We just might have to do that. Hit Disneyland. Thanks for being our friends. We sure love you.


julie said...

yeah yeah, boo hoo, I want your hair. Yours, Desi's...or your other friend I haven't met. Can I please?

No, I do feel for you. I hate when you make great friends, have a great thing going, and then they have to go and ruin it.

Majid Ali said...
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