Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This little man dressed himself this morning and couldn't have been prouder. I was right along side him giving him a big ol' high-five. Sometimes he and his brother just want me to do everything for them and I'm trying to get them to try a little harder to do things all by themselves. I felt horrible correcting what he did...I let him run around the house all morning long before turning his shirt around.

A few other tidbits about Carson as an almost 4 year old:

His love for people is only getting stronger. He has absolutely no fear and full-heartedly believes that everyone he sees is his very best bosom buddy. If you get the privilege of meeting Carson in person, be prepared for these most important questions that will be asked of you immediately. "Was your name? Was your car (wants to know the make)? What colors your eyes? Want to come to my house?" Those are always the first questions among many asked. Just today on our bike ride he saw a woman and 3 children out in their garage. He stopped his bike and asked, "Where's your dad? followed by, You want to come ride in my jeep?" At church he walks down the halls and invites everyone he passes to his house. I am always informed of the huge gathering that he has personally organized. How can you not melt for a little person who is so concerned about everyone surrounding him?

This is why he has many admirers.

Carson as a preschooler is going to be an interesting sight. He has more energy than he knows what to do with, and just the thought of what must be going on in his little brain makes me tired! He absolutely cannot hold still to save his life (the thought of him in the upcoming primary program has me sweating bullets). This next year will be a big one for him. Honestly, if he doesn't get himself kicked out of his preschool class, it will have been a success and worth the money!!!

Love my Carson.


The Wilker Family said...

Carson and Preston could be best friends, they sound so alike! Cute memories of him for sure!

Marie Photographie said...

I wish you guys lived by us! Liam is surrounded by little girls in our neighborhood. He needs a buddy like Carson! What a cute kid.

Sarah and Trent said...

What a sweetheart. One time my brother Cody drew and handed out invitations to his birthday party at the bowling alley without telling my Mom...she had no idea until someone called and said sorry they couldn't come! Crazy Boys!