Sunday, September 25, 2011


Here's what I've decided. Everyone needs a friend obsessed with birthdays! It really makes the whole birthday thing a completely different experience! For me, at least. Meet Stephanie. She is that person.
Not only does she love birthdays (and celebrates for an entire week), but she is a game player and loves to make amazing cakes. She even has a cake blog. Combine everything together...BiRTdaY PaRTaY!!! I was in good hands.

One of the games we decided to play was "Minute To Win It." You might remember this from last December...played it with my fam over Christmas. It was a hit. We managed a few pictures from it...not enough (from the whole party really). Jake and Stephanie attempted "tortilla head." (flip the tortilla up off the flipper and catch it on your head)

...And the excitement captured as Steph caught it on her FIRST attempt. I think she's been practicing...
And Tiffany totally rocked "elephant trunk." Creamed her husband's time.
Candles! We got creative...turning the 3 into an 8. It worked!
The cake was a chocolate 100 grand caramel cake. Need I say more???
I honestly can't remember the last time I had like a real adult birthday kids, games, gifts, and food. I forget how fun they are! We might just have to do it again!

I'm happy I was borned and feel gratitude for my beautiful life. I have so much to be grateful for. My Mom reminded me of that. In her birthday love note to me, she reminded me to count my blessings. What great birthday counsel. Talk about becoming older and wiser! She is amongst my greatest blessings. This last week I was reminded that the Lord often shows us love through other people, and that I can do better in this regard. So hooray for birthdays....for the fun and love they bring! Only 363 days 'til my next one.


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Looks like such a fun sorry we had to miss it :-( I celebrate you were born Amy, you are the best!! Glad you had such a nice birthday, you deserve it!!

John and Anna said...

Happy Birthday Amy! I really hope it was a good one. You look Gorgeous too! :)

Huke, Lollie, and Gracie! said...

Happy Birthday Amy. I had friend in Vegas make my birthday so special for me too. It was the best. Now we can both do it for someone else. Your hair is gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

I sort of feel like a celebrity. It was my pleasure to force you into having a party. I'd do it again in a heartbeat! :)

Amber said...

stephanie celebrates for a week too??! i need to meet her-- she sounds pretty great. i'm so glad that you had a special birthday-- EVERYONE deserves a special day.

Kristen. Jason. Sofie said...

so glad you had such a wonderful birthday!!