Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about faith lately. Actually for a long time. Faith isn't something that I've felt like I've really struggled with. Having faith has come easily and naturally, even without a lot of understanding of all things spiritual. I'm optimistic and hopeful. So in my mind, I guess I've always felt like a faithful person. Until recently.

Let me clarify. Do I still feel like a faithful person? Absolutely. I think. Maybe? I guess I have been thinking more about what that means, exactly. Faith isn't something that is always tangible and that's where I can struggle. I like things to be black and white. So I've been reading and studying a little on the topic of faith.

Today I read Ether 12 which is full of words on faith. Some great reminders of receiving "no witness until after the trial of your faith". "They obtained not the promise until after their faith. And neither at any time hath any wrought miracles until after their faith; wherefore they first believed in the Son of God." I naturally thought to I a faithful person? I can say that I have faith and quickly read through this thinking...yep...I'm good. But today was different. Instead of moving on without much thought like most days, the thought crossed my mind....this is all good and sounds great but now what? Just tell me what to do! Tell me what faith looks like. Show me how to show my faith. Black and white! To my surprise another scripture popped into my head, which pretty much never happens. I'm not a super scriptorian and mostly can never remember what I read or where I read it. This time I even remembered where to find the scripture (thank you seminary). It is simple and straightforward. "I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise" (D&C 82: 10). And "If you love me, keep my commandments." So simple but so profound to me today. Exactly what I needed. How do I show my faith? I DO what He says. I keep His commandments. My actions should reflect my faith. I can't just think that I'm a faithful person. I must be a faithful person. I quickly thought about all of the good things that I'm not always doing. As always, I have much room for improvement.

Now I know that keeping the commandments and staying the course doesn't relieve me from my trials and pain. But it does bring peace and comfort. It is a daily reminder that the Lord is aware of me and helps me to keep an eternal perspective. Life will always be unpredictable and full of hardship. Showing faith is one thing that I can control; a choice I can make to better my days.

During last General Conference Elder Nelson included this in his talk on faith:

"Our beloved President Thomas S. Monson has given us his prophetic witness. He said: 'I testify to you that our promised blessings are beyond measure. Though the storm clouds may gather, though the rains may pour down upon us, our knowledge of the gospel and our love of our Heavenly Father and of our Savior will comfort and sustain us and bring joy to our hearts as we walk uprightly and keep the commandments. My beloved brothers and sisters, fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith'."

I am looking forward to conference this weekend. No doubt there will be more words of wisdom and direction regarding faith. I am ready and waiting.


julie said...

This reminds me of another seminary gem. "Faith without works is dead." We always use that to talk about baptism and how grace works. But yeah, just like you said, if you truly have faith, show it! Wonderful blog.

Justin and JoLyn said...

I love the challenge given in Alma... "to EXPERIMENT on My word." It's as if the Lord is saying, "Try it. See if you like it." Faith is an action word. You have to go out on a limb and pay your tithing BEFORE you have great faith and a testimony of that principle. Many think that you first have faith, and then DO... but it's the other way around. Faith grows when it's practiced.