Sunday, November 21, 2010

No Tears Today

I am so eager to report our successful Sunday. Complete night and day difference from the before written about experience. We made it through the ENTIRE Sacrament Meeting with ZERO yelling or screaming or crying. All four of us sat through it all. Together. and Happy. (we sort of deserve a standing ovation right now!!) At one point, I even reached over to hold my husband's hand. Yes, it was THAT good. All I can say is, it's about fReaKInG TImE!
We all got naps after church, cozy in our beds while the snow came down. Once we were up, I couldn't resist pulling out something I couldn't resist from buying...a gingerbread train kit. I love that these boys are old enough to do little projects. They were super excited about it and were good little helpers. Well, Carson kind of just sat and ate chocolate chips the entire time. But he was a giddy and happy Carson. It was awesome.
We ended the night with hot chocolate and The Polar Express.
I am one happy Mommy tonight.

Love Carson in this one...happy with choolate chips, his milk, and his doggy.

Love Cade in this picture...the little I got of him. He was so into the whole thing and watched and participated with pure amazement.
Something cute. The boys love their monster jammies. Tonight, after Cade got his on he walked up to me so proud and confident and said pointing to his monsters, "Wook Mom, I is so handsome!"
Our finished Gingerbread-Happy Birthday-Train
They associate cakes (and apparently Ginderbread Trains) with birthdays. So the whole time Cade was calling it his Happy Birthday Train, without any promting on my part. And of course once it was finished, he asked to blow out a candle. I certainly couldn't turn down his request. So we got out the candles, put one on top of the train and started belting out Happy Birthday. We did it over, and over, and over again. They were in little boy birthday heaven! And I tell you what, they have the blowin' out candle thing DOWN!
Carson's under-lip blowing. He blows so funny. Sticks his lower lip out, but he gets the job done!
Cade blowing his candle out.
These boys were so cute today. We are sure excited to celebrate their Birthday. Seeing the looks on their faces as Shane and I sang Happy Birthday to them tonight was absolutely adorable...heart-melting. They just lit up inside. It was obvious that they felt special. And they are. How did I get so lucky?


Stephanie said...

So fun! You did seem to have an extra skip in your step today at church :) I love those magic moments with kids. Good job for blogging about it so you can always remember this wonderful day.

Marie Photographie said...

So cute and priceless memories! I love the photos. Your boys are so sweet!

Amber said...

i'm so glad church went better :)

WAY cute little trains. where did you get your kit?

Amy, Steve and Preston said...

Way to go!! Church is hard for us so I can only imagine with two the same age! The trains and your helps are adorable!

Jones Family said...

Yay for Carson and Cade!! I'm so glad you had a good day!! did you leave the part out where you drugged them before church?? :) Those boys are super special! I am one proud Aunt! can't wait to see them for their REAL birthday bash!

jenny said...

And you, my dear, totally deserve such a memorable Sunday. I hope you have a lot more of them in the future!

Cheri said...

So glad church went better! Really I only ever have two emotions going out of sacrament, complete frustration, or relief. I'm hoping that in about 5 years I might actually feel something like spiritual enlightenment, but one or four of my kids will probably be in some other horrible stage at that point, too.
Ahh, parenthood...

Nan and Aaron said...

What a perfect family day. We all need those. I can't believe how much snow you already have. We haven't had a flake yet, and I'm the one in Chicago!

Ashley said...

Please oh please let me know whatever it is that worked with your kids at church! Katy squirted orange juice everywhere...Konrad hit his head trying to stand under the chair. Mercy.