Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bucking Up

I decided I needed to buck up this morning and get my kids outside in the snow. I couldn't refuse Cade's puppy dog face any longer. So with some extra excitement in our home this morning, we headed out to the backyard (which I'm so grateful for). If you remember from last year, Cade was a lover of the fluff and Carson was more of a hater. Here's a reminder in case you forgot.

This year things don't seem to have changed much.

But Carson wasn't in tears, so that's a step forward. He was happy to be outside and close to the snow, as shown above. He just wasn't much in the snow.
This is where he hung out for most of our outing. I asked him a couple of times to go run and play with Cade, but he just politely said "no." I didn't push it...he was happy.

Cade, like last year, was one with the snow. I couldn't get him to hold still for a picture.
He headed to his favorite spot in our yard, between the trees, and laughed histarically as he ate the snow.

Look at Carson go!!! He took a few steps on the cement...never quite made it to the grass. He then acted like he was eating snow, but was completely against actually eating it! Funny boy.
Can you tell he's proud of himself?

Snow Angel!

Forget picking it up to eat. Just go straight to the source!

Yay for a fun morning! Afterward we had pancakes for lunch, per Cade's request.
Everytime I'm preparing a meal, the two of them yell out their color requests for their plates and forks...
"Mommy, I wan orange!"
"Mommy, I wan Byue!"
Back and forth over and over and over again. They think it's funny. At least I know that they know their colors.
Here's a random tidbit. Carson always requests blue. As an infant, he had the blue binkie and as a toddler the blue sippy. Cade was the orange or green binkie and the green sippy. He always requests green or orange. I didn't realize on day one when I desperately forced binkies that I was determining the colors that would be their favorites.
Carson still hates feeding himself and gets super frustrated at the whole utensil thing. At lunch today, every time Carson said "Mommy Heeellp!" Cade would respond with, "Is okay Carson, you can do it!" How's that for sweet brotherly love?
And why am I still such a bad pancake flipper? Seriously.
Another reason for celebrating is because I found our missing remotes. I loaded the dryer with some towels, turned it on, and heard some major clunking going on. What do you know...remotes!


des said...

Those are hillarious. Their faces are priceless. I love it. It makes me wish Jack was out there rolling with Cade. (he loves it too) And pancakes for lunch sound really yummy. what a fun day.

remotes- cracks me up!
thanks for the color reminder- help me out when I finally figure out THE BEST birthday present.

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

You got some cute pics! I made myself to do it today too, Emery kept asking over and over again!
They need these experiences even though it is hard for us :-) So way to go my friend!

Lacy said...

lol I LOVE that your remotes were in the dryer! Your life with Twins is so fun and so busy. I can't even imagine if Jordan had a twin.