Friday, November 19, 2010

Do I really look that fat?

Recently, Cade has started talking along with or echoing what's being said in a movie. Last night, we were watching a little of Toy Story 2. When Buzz sees his fellow Space Rangers in their sleek boxes, he says "Do I really look that fat?". Cade said it right along with Buzz. I just started chuckling. He's been doing it with any dialogue in songs too. A couple of the Veggie Tales songs have dialogue and he knows it word for word. Pretty cute. Cute is also Cade's singing. He has a low, way off pitch, froggy-type voice. Always makes me smile. But it reminded me about how careful I have to be about what they are watching and listening to, since it is obvious that they are paying attention.

Speaking of listening, Cade impressed me with another little thing the other day. I was playing the piano...going through some Christmas music for my students. Cade was eager to come join me on my lap. He played along for a minute and then just looked up and stopped. He then got super excited, pointed to the music and said, "Mommy, is a half-note!!!" "And Mommy, is a shark (pointing to the sharp symbol)!!" "Mommy, is music cwass!" I was so proud of my little sponge...soaking it all in. He's a genius, you case you were wondering.

Carson is also a learning machine. He pays attention to EVERYTHING while we are driving around town. He knows to watch the colors of the lights and what each colors mean. He's always eager to tell me to "get going" since the light is green. He is also very quick to notice stop signs. And he always knows where we are and which direction our house is...or stores. He gets super upset when I don't go in his requested direction.
So, the other day we were on our way out to Nampa. We passed the Meridian exit and Carson said, "Bye bye Austin's house." Meaning...we aren't going to cousin Austin's house. I was shocked but repeated...bye bye Austin's house. Austin's house is off the Meridian exit, but not that close off the exit. His house isn't even in Meridian! But Carson knew that was the exit we take to get to his cousins. Crazy!

Carson is also quick to help me out as a Mom. He's excited for "clean-up time" and is a good little helper. Cade has picked up on this and is already trying to pass his own responsibilites on to Carson. "Hey Carson, you go put Cade's cup in a fridge?" Carson jumps at the chance! Anyway, here's what he's been doing recently.
Cade will ask for something...for listen to a song over again.
Carson then says, "Cade, what you say?"
Carson..."Okay, good job Cade!"
Thanks for making sure he says please Carson!
He's a genius, you case you were wondering.

They are turning THREE in a week. What?! THREE??? And next week is Thanksgiving. What?! This month is going too fast.
So, we'll be doing some major party-ing next weekend. I'm excited. I even have a sweet friend who has offered to make them a fun cake...and since I'm a lame mom who has yet to be cool like that...I happily obliged. The boys are going to love it.

This next year is certain to come with more trying times for me and my favorite twins. You can already tell. They have become increasingly defiant and...well...naughty! Fighting over toys. Pushing, hitting, yelling. Lots of it. I just feel like whatever stage we are in...we are in complete overload of...whatever it is. A lot of any one thing is sure to take a toll. I'm trying to just buckle myself in, hold on tight, and ask my Heavenly Father for LOTS of help.
Sometimes I feel at a loss and completely clueless when it comes to discipline. Hard stuff. In fact, on Sunday at about 12:15pm I was ready to find a cave to hide in for a few years. It was a hard Sacrament hour and I know that I let it get to me too much. I had tears waiting to spill over...I was frustrated. Carson's yelling and screaming reaches a certain decibel that just causes my blood to boil. BUT, then we have great moments that I have to do my best to bottle-up. AND, we've started watching some Super Nanny. It's been theraputic to say the least! It's like she's right in my home helping me take control of my home. Shane has been watching with me. It really has been good. We are making progress, little by little.

On a lighter note, I've been busy with some projects that I'll have to document later. Talk about therapy! Projects are exactly that for me.


John and Anna said...

I don't know how you do it Amy. You are amazing! A complete inspiration to me and I'm sure anyone else who knows you.

Your boys are darling and you are right... complete geniuses. A half note at age 3 really? And Holy Cow! How does Carson know which exit to take? Amazing!

And I just love Super Nanny. I learn so many things from her.

Good luck with age 3. I'll just continue to learn from you. :)