Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've got questions. They've got answers.


Carson first. He's so funny. He always repeats the question and then if you wait long enough, he eventually gives an answer. It's just can get him to say ANYTHING. He repeats like crazy. Love it.


Cade was a little distracted by his trains. Cade. He is one intense toy-player. But he is still such a chatterbox. And he has the cutest little voice. Oh...and bed-head!


Amber said...

so cute! i love cade's little voice :)

Cara said...

They're all grown up. Seriously their is some point between two and three that they turn into little people and it looks like they are pretty much their. We need to get together. When?

Heather said...

Amy! I think you are an amazing mom! seriously. I love you blog. It makes me excited to be a mom. :)

amanda said...

very cute! they are so grown up. chloe does the same thing when i get the camera out, even video she says cheese.