Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cade Randoms

Where do I start with Cade? He is such a smart little thing and is changing every day, right before my eyes. I feel like I can't keep up with how fast he seems to be growing up. Cade is very independent and he is completely obsessed with toys. He usually will chose trains if trains are an option, but he loves it all! When we are at my parent's house, I never see Cade. Seriously. He is up in the toy room all day, every day. You almost forget that he's there. He is just content as can be when he is surrounded by new toys and will play for forever...a lot of times without any assistance from me. Could he be more different than Carson in that way? Complete opposites.

Cade is a friend-magnet. He's a social little boy and easily gets other kids (and adults) wrapped around his fingers. Like today. We went to a little play area by our house, where a few other kids were playing. Before I know it, the older boy on the playground is holding Cade's hand, talking to him, helping him get up on the big toy, etc. He made a new buddy in a matter of seconds. This happens all of the time. He's completely and 100% likeable.
So, after he's been awake for some time...he's likeable. But when he first wakes up WATCH-OUT! He usually wakes up super grumpy...wonder where he gets that from (sorry Cade). He's just mad...at the world. He can also give some mean crustys. If looks could kill, right?! I can't help but laugh at his grumpiness and crusty looks.
He loves to talk and is such a little motor mouth. He says the cutest things and I'm really bad at remembering them and writing them down. His prayers are hilarious. He won't ever say a thing we tell him to. Instead, he likes to do it all on his own, which is fine most of the time. But he blesses some funny things...like his stinkies, all of his toys by name, facial features, all of his body parts, and every kind of car that he can think of. Because of this, his prayers tend to run a little long. He just keeps going and going and going. It's hard not to laugh throughout the entire prayer.

Cade's imagination just keeps growing. He loves to talk to his toys. He asks them all sorts of questions and then lets me know how they respond. It is a regular thing to feed Thomas random foods, and Bear always needs his owies kissed better.
This little man is so observant. Not many things get passed him. Lately, his ears perk up anytime the word "scary" comes up. He's become obsessed with the idea of things being scary. Things that used to be no problem are now scary...and I don't think that he's actually scared. But more just recognizing that a dinosaur might be scary, if that makes sense.

Cade is still such a little thing. He still weighs 23lbs. and is wearing all the clothes he wore last year. People think that he is younger than Carson when they first see the two of them together.

We love having Cade in our family. He is our motor-mouthed, anything that has a motor-loving, toy-obsessed, SWEETHEART. I love his sweet demeanor and the calmness that he brings into our home. How did I get so lucky to call this handome boy MINE?


*LaUrA* said...

I have never met him but I adore him! His love for toys is quite rare. While all kids say they like toys, rarely will they play with them all day. Carter never plays with his toys unless someone else is.

I LOVE the videos you posted and Cade has the sweetest little voice and I love that he loves Thomas. (even though the cartoons are BORING...how are kids interested...haha)

After having my own, everything kids do fascinate me...they are so similar yet so different. I love to hear the things they say and do. They are just these little people learning to be...people...haha...but it just tickles me for some reason.

Anyhow...love the updates and getting to know your boys via the web! Oh...and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I appreciate it and you made my day:)

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

We LOVE Cade too, Emery really loves his buddy Cade :-) They always have so much fun together. Cute post!

julie said...

I LOVE when you write about your boys and how unique they are. For some reason I have a hard time explaining my children...but anyway, they are both so cute and it's so fun to hear how different they are. Which is weird, just because they are twins shouldn't make me think they act the same..but still I do a little bit. I love these posts.

Nan and Aaron said...

Oh, how we miss little Caders!

Marie Photographie said...

Aw, what a sweet boy you have! I love hearing the details. I can just picture you and Shane laughing through his prayers. :) Love it.