Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brough to You by the Letter S

Time got the best of me and I'm late in doing this, but only by a few days. This last weekend, Shane kissed his 20's good-bye. He turned 30 on Saturday. And we did some celebrating! But I'll get to that after some pictures that show a few of his 30 years.

Baby Shane.

I LOVE this picture...for a few reasons. First of all, look at that face! Second, the outfit. And third, the holding of car keys. Perfect.

Fast forward a lot of years. One of his first big purchases, Moby. Ain't she a beauty? She sure caught his eye...and had his heart for many years for that matter!

Meet high school Shane. These pictures pretty much sum him up as a teenager.
Hangin' with his boys...doin' what they did!
Yeah, he's got skills!

Meet missionary Shane. Getting ready to leave the MTC...last picture with some fellow Twin Falls Alum.

This was shortly after we started dating. We were on our way to Salt Lake for General Conference. This is still one of my pictures of him to date. Maybe because of how much he had me falling for him.
This was the first of his Birthdays that we celebrated together, still dating. Spring Break 2003 in Moab. He was turning 23. I gave him Teva flip flops.

Now he's husband Shane and far exceeding my expectations of married life.

Don't ask.

Another birthday. Dinner at Kyoto's 2006.

And here we are today!
My mom was gracious enough to come to Boise for the weekend. I surprised him with a little "Downtown Get-Away." We had dinner at PF Chang's. Went to the Steelhead's hockey game and stayed at a place in the heart of it all. It was great (we just won't talk about the fire alarm incident at the hotel that kept us up from 2-4 in the AM!)!!
The boys were in hog-heaven with Grandma. Thanks Mom.

And we had 2 of his 3 brothers in on it and were there to help us celebrate!!! So fun.

I have so much love for this man. I am beyond happy to experience this life by his side. Happy Birthday Shane! I know you are going make this next decade look good!!!


*LaUrA* said...

Happy Birthday Shane! That was a sweet tribute. That baby picture could easily be Cade! So glad you got a fun night together...and such a cute couple!

julie said...

yes, that was baby Cade for sure.

I think it's weird that you were dating Shane and he was 23. That's so little! Which means you were like 12?! :) It proves how old I am when I think 23 is young. Sad. Anyway, happy Birthday Shane!! And I love your hair in every picture..I need to take this blog to my next hair appt.

Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday, Shane! Always good to see some old pictures. Seeing the Jeep articulate on the retaining wall at Slim's...ahhhhh, that takes me back.

Jenete said...

Hey I think that's my brother in that pic in Provo:)

Jessica said...

Woooohooo! Happy Birthday Shane! Such a great snapshot of his life with those pics you posted. So fun! I too like the picture with the snazzy outfit holding the car keys.

So glad you were able to get out and celebrate. I'm sure you exceed his expectations as a wife and mother ;)

Amber said...

that was fun to see a flashback of shane growing up!!! you are such a cute couple!! way to go planning such a fun birthday for him!

Anonymous said...

I love the "Don't Ask" pic. Very cute.

Wow! That means your getting older too. :)

Claire said...

Those are great pictures. Your boys look SO much like him at that age!! There's a family in our ward and I keep meaning to ask you if you're related because their kids remind me so much of yours!!! Wadsworths? Ring a bell? Anyway, happy birthday to Shane! He's a young pup! JK. Won't it be weird when we're that age? Yikes!

Lacy said...

woa, I just did another glance through at this post and realized that the first picture on here, baby sane, was acutally SHANE. I thought for sure it was once of your twins! wowsers.