Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shane's new (used) car

This is Shane posting. It has been a very eventful week in our family. We lost a loved one and picked up a new family member all in the same day.

We sold our 1990 VW Jetta 16v. I say "our", but it was really my car and Amy would hardly touch it because it was so old, loud and obnoxious (to her, not me). Anyone who truly appreciates cars knows that mk2 VW's particularly those with 16v motors were fun little hot rods in their day. I loved the car and it was very fun to drive. I bought the car because it was old and simple enough that I would be able to do most of the mechanical work on the car. Well, it worked out that way except that it ended up being more mechanical work than I had anticipated. Lately I have not had enough time to keep on top of all the repairs and my commute is longer now that I am working in Nampa. Finally, we decided that it was time to say our good byes and move on to a new chapter in vehicles.

Anyone who attended our wedding luncheon or reception will recall that I (along with many members of my families - yes Chandlers too) have unhealthy emotional attachments to our cars. This is my tribute to my Jetta.

Thank you Calypso green Jetta for years of semi-reliable, fun service. We have shared many great memories together, some were sweaty (no a/c), some were very cold (one winter without a heater), but we always had fun and we were hardly ever late (except when you gave up a cv axle on the freeway). I hope you find your way to an autocross track soon.

The only way I could give up my Jetta without emotional anguish was by distracting myself with the purcharse of another exciting car. I present for your approval, the newest addition to our fleet, the Mazda 3. If you know me well, you know that I love cars. My head is filled with useless facts about cars of every year, make and model. If there was a car Jeopardy I'd be all over it. Despite my love for all things wheeled I am a very frugal person. It's not that I have to have the rock-bottom price on everything I buy, it's more of a desire to obtain the most of my wants and needs for the lowest possible cost. A value shopper if you will. Needless to say, buying a car is not an easy task for me.

Here were my requirements:
30mpg or better on the highway
At least a driver's side airbag (I know some people aren't sold on airbags - I think they work)
Manual transmission (more efficient, longer life and more fun)
60mph in less than 9 seconds (this was a low hurdle mostly due to my budget)
Functioning heater
Functioning a/c
Functioning cruise control
Back seat
long-term dependability

These were my "wants" on top of the requirements:
xenon headlights
side curtain airbags
steering wheel stereo controls
a hatchback
rear wheel drive
Ipod adapter built in

I'm happy to report that I got all the requirements and most of the wants. I feel like I'm riding in complete luxury with functioning cruise control and a highway decibel level below 100. Life is good. If you were patient enough to read this whole post, I'm sorry on many levels. Here are some more pictures:

To our new addition, we hope to share many years and miles together.


Phil said...

Parting is such sweet sorrow. I can't say that I have your same attachment to cars, but I try to exercise the same frugal indecision...or is it normal to take almost 3 months to replace wrecked car?

Annette said...

Oh my sons, your dad says he could have bought two cars while you were frugilizing. he thinks you get it from me. Sorry!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

I just hope Cade won't miss the jetta too much!!! I know he was attached too :-)

Claire said...

Congrats on the new car. That's always fun. I do remember your reception and your fancy getaway car:)

Nan and Aaron said...

pretty sweet Shane. The only problem is that now Aaron want a new car!

Lara said...

Good choice! We had that same Mazda3- only it was black. We just sold it for a 4Runner, though, cause out here in Eagle Mountain it can get crazy snow! Otherwise we would have kept it. Such a good car. Good work Amy!