Sunday, January 4, 2009

Long Lost Friend

Over the Christmas holiday, I had my long lost friend come visit. Jessica was my best bud during my BSU days. For my last two years, I think we had 90% of our classes together and did every major paper or project together (communication majors do EVERY assignment in learn to work together &...uh...communicate??). She's been in Korea for the last year teaching English to the children there. She's having amazing experiences & we've stayed in touch through our blogs. The last time I saw her I was in the hospital on bedrest. It was so fun to see her. Thanks for making the effort to come see us!!!
Jess & Carson

Jess & Cade


Jessica said...

awe thanks amy! it was so great to catch up with you. I'm so glad I was able to stop by and spend time with the boys :)