Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What have we been up to???

Trying to walk with our new toy...Mom's not likin' it too much. Shane is calling them toddlers just to get to me.

Ripping up Daddy's magazines. We've since moved them!!!

C'mon Dad, you really think I would do such a thing???
Enjoying walks in the crisp fall weather

This was too precious. I started singing Pat-A-Cake and they both started clapping their hands.


Lacy said...

that is sweet about the patti cake. I totally hear you on the magazines, my son LOVES them. At the risk of stating the obvious ... they look alot different from each other don't they? :) both cutie pies though.

ashley said...

I love that your boys look so different! They are both so stinkin cute! The walking stage is so much fun...but then they start to run and you will lose your mind (just a little heads up :)

Brady and Katie said...

cade looks like he is dancing in the second pic from the bottom. So cute!! thanks for the recipe, it was a hit!

Jonathan- Bree said...

They are so cute. I cant belive how different they look. I can't believe they are walking, I swear I looked at your blog yesterday and you just had them!

Matt & Ali said...

Hey Amy!!!
the boys have gotten huge!!! and they are so dang cute!!!!

The McGary's said...

Those cute boys of yours are not supposed to be walking!! But it is a fun stage. I tend to be a little over protective during the walking stage, especially with stairs. Chad told me yesterday to relax and let Hunter explore but really he always has bruises on his head!!

John and Anna said...

Amy! I'm so glad to get back in touch with you. It's been awhile. You're family is darling. I bet twins are a lot of work, but so much fun! If any body could do it, it would be you!