Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tag Time

Just for fun!

1. I can't start a movie without finishing it, no matter how late it gets or how dumb the movie is. I hate not knowing how it ends. Shane uses a movie for his nap time which always gets to me. I also hate watching movies by myself. I've always given Shane a hard time about it.

2. I am addicted to Sonic's Happy Hour (everyday from 2-4 pm). C'mon, how can you not be??? So many different combinations to chose from, all for HALF the price! It's probably a good thing my boys are napping during that time because you would most likely find me there everyday. It really is the "Ultimate Drink Stop!"

3. I am a huge list-maker. A little obsessive-compulsive about it. I get so much satisfaction with crossing things off my list. One thing that has been hard now that I'm home with the babes is the fact that I have all of these items on my lists that NEVER get crossed off. They are perma-items that need to be done today, tomorrow, and forever & ever. Really bugs me.

4. I am not as much of an extravert that I once thought I was. I think I started to realize this when I first started college. I am defintely more of an introvert and for some reason that was hard for me to accept. Not that introverts are bad, that just isn't who I thought I was. I have since come to terms with it and it no longer bothers me. I can be an extravert when I need to be but it is much more natural for me to be otherwise.

5. I once was a pageant queen. Ya people..."Miss Magic Valley!!!" The whole thing is funny to me when I think back on it. It's just not me but somehow I ended up there...okay so I did it for some extra college money...which was a huge perk! People who didn't know me growing up are shocked when they learn this about me.

6. I love to sing and am always telling Shane that I want to try to sing more, but for some reason, I have a really hard time going to Ward Choir. My Mom was the choir director my whole life growing up and I was always taught to support it. For some reason, this is really hard for me. I'm working on it alright!!!

7. I absolutely HATE clutter and have this thing with throwing things away. I'm not as bad as my Mom but I'm pretty darn close. I am constantly organizing, de-junking, re-organizing, making runs to D.I., throwing stuff away, de-junking...again, and on and on and ON!!!

So there you have it. You should do now too if you haven't already.


Cheri said...

We are exactly the same with the movie situation. Even if I hate the movie, I've GOT to finish it. And Brett puts movies on for nap time.
We are twins with the list thing and the clutter thing as well. My car perpetually has junk for the DI in the back and I make a drop off whenever I get around it. Currently I have two trach bags full of kids clothes that have got to go.

julie said...

haha! Ward choir hardly constitutes as singing. I so don't have a testimony of it...which is really bad because I'm the choir pianist! I'm also the same as you with the extrovert thing. I really thought I was until college. I wonder if you'll get as bad as your mom and Grandma with the cleaning. :) And you need to teach me how to make my house smell like yours/your mom's. Seriously.

Nathan said...

I liked reading that! interesting! I'm the same with the movies...even when it is so dumb. arg. sometimes it is the same with a tv series. and with the intravert..although you knew that. and you are a better person cause I still wish I was a little more outgoing and more willing to get out there. you;ve inspired me, to come to terms with it.
anyway- I love the pictures of your little boys below this post. They have beautiful eyes and big smiles. They look like so much fun! (don't worry I bet you have armfuls!) so innocent. hehe

Kyle and Cara said...

Amy I need your help. I not only make lists but I make five and they all have the same things on them, yeah it is true they all get lost in the clutter. Sad because if I actually get something done, I can't find that list to cross it off. Oh wait, maybe when i find all five of them then I can cross it off five times. Oh never mind that seems pretty rewarding. I guess I'll keep that junk pile after all.

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

WOW Amy I had no idea about the pageant :) You should join ward choir, you have an amazing voice!!! I hear you sing at church and you would be an awesome addition to the choir, maybe a solo at sacrament?????

Nan & Aaron said...

I'm pretty sure you just described Mom, like, perfectly. Except maybe for the Miss Magic Valley thing, although I think she probably was kind of a hottie!

Sarah said...

Hey! Do you still accompany on the piano?

Sarah Woodbury

John and Anna said...

I hear ya on the Sonic Happy Hour. We went there just about every day in the summer. I just can't get enough of their ice! By the way, it's been so fun to get to know you again through your blog. It's just been too long! :)

Claire said...

ha ha those are funny! I still remember when we heard a pageant girl was moving in and you were definately WAY different than I imagined you would a very good way!! :) I love Sonic's happy hour too!! cranberry limeade :) I hardly ever go though. And don't worry, being an introvert isn't all bad. I definately feel like I was more outgoing in high school too, and have calmed down now that I'm a mom I guess.