Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bath Time



julie said...

Haha! I love that they have to have something in their mouth and keep taking it from each other. Such a cute video.

*LaUrA* said...

Hey Amy!

Guess what? Luke is in Josh's parent's ward in DC! Neat huh! They kept telling us that an Elder from Twin Falls was in their ward but they had the name wrong...but tonight they told us it was Elder Chandler. I thought that was neat and wanted to tell you...he is doing so well. I told them to take some pictures and send them my way so I could pass them onto you!

Nan & Aaron said...

They are adorable and I am really impressed with your video making skills. Those boys are growing up so fast. I'm sure they'll be walking next time we see them. Kiss those cute little faces for us!

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

They are SO CUTE! I can't get enough of them! You made some very cute little boys! I am sure you are having so much fun wih them!