Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I made plans to go into work late. I had an appointment with a high-risk OB Doctor to take a little closer look at the twins. There was a fluid discrepancy which needed to be addressed. It didn’t look like anything too serious, just one of those "let’s be on the safe-side" kind of things. By the end of the appointment, I was in a wheel chair and being admitted into Labor & Delivery at St. Luke’s hospital with pre-term labor. At the time, I was 24 weeks along in my pregnancy.

What had just happened? Everything was going so smoothly. I hadn’t experienced even one day of sickness. During my exam, we learned that I was starting to dilate and was 90% effaced. I didn’t realize that I was having contractions until they put a monitor on me. I just thought, yea my back hurts. Not a surprise since I was on my feet all day working full-time…no biggie. Little did I know that I wouldn’t go home for 10 weeks, 68 days to be exact. I went in the first week of September and was discharged days before Thanksgiving. I continued bed rest at home for another week and a half before the babies arrived.

We started our blog a week after I went in so that we could keep our family and friends updated on the babies. Shane did such a great job at keeping it updated. At the time, I didn’t want to be the one blogging. I was worried that I would turn it into my venting station and that’s not what I wanted it to be. Reading back on it all, he did a much better job than I would have.

I’ve been taught that every trial can be a time of learning and for our benefit. As hard as it is in the moment, I believe this to be 100% true. Hindsight, I feel like I did learn a lot and it was without a doubt, for the benefit of my children and me. I feel like I need to document some of the things that I learned, since I have yet to do it.

  • I have the BEST hubby in the world. He packed up the house and pretty much moved in with me. I am proud to say that I didn’t spend one night alone. He was such a support to me and I couldn’t have survived without him. He certainly stepped up to the plate and took care of me and our house 100%.
  • Chocolate CAN bring happiness! I don’t think I went a day without it and wouldn’t have done it any other way. And yes, I am still paying for it!!
  • People, in general, are kind and compassionate. We were overwhelmed with the love and support that was shown us. We never ceased to be surprised by the people that reached out to us.
  • As much as we need to be serving others, we also need to let others serve us. This has always been so hard for me. Shane always would reassure me that I was doing a service by giving other people the opportunity to serve and accepting the help that was offered.
  • Reading is fun! I wasn’t at all a reader until this experience. I think I am forever changed in that regard.
  • You never stop needing your Mom. I think that the first time my Mom came to see me was the most emotional day of all. I was so happy to have her there. There is comfort and love that can only come from a Mother, and we never stop needing that.
  • Watching the same News broadcast 6 times a day will make you crazy.
  • Wheelchair rides are more exciting than you might think…thanks to Shane!
  • Thursdays are always the best. Not only was it the best TV night but it was also my massage day. Huge perk!
  • I have the best friends and ward ever. It feels so good to know that there are people who love and care about you…genuinely. There are friendships that were nurtured and strengthened during that time that will last forever.
  • Blow dryers are heaven-sent. The day Shane brought me my blow dryer was like Christmas morning.
  • The Nurses in the Antepartum unit at St. Luke’s are the BEST!!! They became such good friends, to me and to Shane. It was sad to say goodbye to them.
  • My Father in Heaven knows me. He loves me and wants the best for me. He hears our prayers and knows our hearts. Such comfort is felt knowing that you are never left alone. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, our hearts can be healed and comforted. For this, I am truly grateful. My Testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was strengthened like never before.
  • It was all worth it. Every tear that was shed. Every solitary day. Every minute spent hooked up to machines and monitors. Every single piece of chocolate. Every bedsore. Every meal of hospital food. Every deteriorating muscle. Every shot of medicine…up to 4 a day. It was all worth it. When I look at my boys today, how can I not feel grateful? They were worth it all.

So, happy one year! I could keep on going forever. It seems like it happened all too recently. I will forever be grateful for the wonderful nurses and doctors that took care of us. For the selfless service that was rendered in our behalf (our lawn being taken care of, surprise baby shower at the hospital, yummy food, the sacrament being brought in every single Sunday). For the endless blessings that were given us. For my family, my husband and my two little boys. I am forever grateful.


Dille Clan said...

Things we go through to have kids! They are worth it. It's funny me and Joe had to speak in church 2 sundays ago and it was on how we get through trials and come out of them stonger in the gospel. We have such similar stories it's crazy. I didn't have to do bed rest (Heavenly Father knows me better:) Fun post and nice to hear how it all went down!

Lara said...

You're awesome. I have been thinking about you because I was at the park today visiting with a lady in the ward with twins. I asked her how she got through the beginning. She said the 1st year is terribly hard. She said she'd watch her friends leave anytime they wanted with their newborns and go to the store, while she had to stay home because of convenience. Then she said "After that first year, though, it's heaven." Her girls were best friends, entertained eachother, and she could get a lot done and go anywhere she wanted again. She said it was at around 10 months when she felt like the sun started shining again and from then on out, she has always thought that the rest of us with 'single' babies are the unlucky ones. :)
So anyway, I just wanted you to know from one mom with twins - that things for you are only going to get better!!

julie said...

Oh I remember in the hospital you and Shane joking, "Man, what if we don't even like them?" Of course you and everyone else knew you would feel this way after. They are so cute...I need to re-meet them. Last time I saw them they were still 4 pounds!

chelzers said...

Happy one year! You survived :) It's amazing to look back and see how far we've all come, huh? Here's to many more years of growth!

*LaUrA* said...

I am so glad you have a "happy ending" to your hospital story! I am also glad I got to follow along your journey with you...and though I can't say I understand all the emotions you went through...I am glad I got to read along and offer you encouragement and prayers along the way...even if you couldn't hear them!

To me...from what I can have done amazingly well and you obviously have healthy, happy baby boys! I was looking at your pictures and as cute as those boys are I was thinking.."man that must be crazy sometimes to have 2 little guys needed the same things or different things all at the same time" I don't envy you but I truly admire you...and all the other mommas out there with multiples and the single mommas with no designated hitter. I just don't think my personality is strong enough. anywyas...starting to ramble here...I basically just wanted to say Good job!

Jason, Amanda & Brayden said...

Holy Cow's already been a year??!! You definitely had quite the stay and the St. Luke's Resort. Long enough that I had that number programmed in my phone for you and kept calling it even after you weren't there anymore....oops, I'm an idiot:) I am SO glad that you are so darn awesome, those boys have the best mom in the world!!! You never cease to amaze me.

melinda! said...

I sometimes love looking back at times of trial. Number 1: because it means I made it through and number 2: because I'm always amazed to realize just how much it made me grow. I think you're wonderful and am really impressed by how you made it through. You have a beautiful spirit about you. It's easy to see how much you love being a mom. What lucky boys!

Nate, Des, Sydney, & Jack said...

wow, you are amazing. That would be so hard....I'm so happy for you that you have your two angels! They are so cute, I love watching you and watching them- seeing what stage I'm in for next!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

It is hard to believe that it has been a year! I am glad that I was a part of your journey. We shared some fun times in the hospital with subs & TCBY!!! I agree with you when you say chocolate helps!!! You are an awesome friend!! Your boys are so blessed to have you as their mother.

Julie Carroll said...

It is funny that I have never met you face to face, but have such admiration for you and respect you for your endurance during your hospital stay! You should mention that you were well known for holding the antepartum record for the longest stay (not really something to covet, but you can be proud of yourself none-the-less). It is crazy to read this and think that you left the hospital a week before I went in for my measly 23 day stay... Just think... we could have been craft buddies at craft group with Candice (if you could call them crafts). I have to say that thursdays were also my favorite days... God Bless Heidi and her AWESOME massages. Anyone stuck in Antepartum deserves a weekly massage!!

Katy said...

its ok if cheese reminds you of me. Diffusers remind me of you... which is just as weird. I miss Mango Madness, my gma kept our house stalked with Mango Madness and Pink Lemonade snapples.

Marie said...

Oh, that was the sweetest post ever. I'm so glad you shared that. Thank you!

Nan & Aaron said...

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Amy Jo. It really has been quite the adventure for you and you have handled it all so beautifully. I admire and respect you so much and am so glad we get to share mommy moments. I love you sis.


Cheri said...

The things we mommies go through for our babies! There is a quote I love by Eleanor Roosevelt I was thinking of throughout this post. "Women are like tea bags, you never know how strong they are until they're put in hot water."


The McGary's said...

Thanks for sharing this post, I loved reading it. You are so awesome! I remember reading that you were in the hospital and was first shocked and then I couldn't wait to read each day about how you were doing. You are so much stronger than me. Your boys are just too cute and have great parents.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this! How true it is that we learn from our trials. With hypermesis during my pregnancy I was bed rest too and it helped me realize how good I had it. Also what a good husband too! I totally agree with the news channel too....The Today Show got on my nerves. We didn't have cable...dang, now we do. I think it just made me crazy. Well, I am so glad you made it through and your twins did too. They are cute! I don't know if you remember but I am a twin. Now that I have just one kid...I have no idea how my mom didn't go crazy. Lots of juggling I guess. You take care.

Claire said...

what a sweet post. Wow, I can't believe it was a year ago! You are such a great example. And you do have an awesome husband and awesome kids. Hope this next year isn't quite as crazy as the last, I'm sure it won't be. I bet not a day goes by that you're so happy you have your 2 little ones.