Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meeting Chandler

We got to meet Chandler yesterday. What a handsome boy!!! We had a fun, productive day. When we got there, it was a pink nursery with a closet full of pink clothes. When we left, it was a boy nursery filled with tons of cute boy clothes. That baby is all set. I'm so glad I was able to spend the day with my mom & sisters. Lindsay is doing such a good job...I was super impressed. Here are some more pictures for those of you who are waiting for me!

Auntie Lauren

Yes, those are girl pants with a ruffle across the bum. We made sure he had some boy pants before we left!

Poor little thing has a rash on his cheeks and chin so he's a little red. We had just put some cream on it so he's a little shiny too...but still so, so cute!


I love this picture of him...but he was still using that girly binkie. Before I left, I made sure they got rid of it. They had a hard time parting with it!


amanda said...

i think he looks a little like aaron's boys in those pictures.

The McGary's said...

how sweet! So it really does happen, people think they are getting one and they get the other. I love the pink pacifier. I have a brother named Chandler he is 15 and his birth certificate was out the other day at my mom's and I happened to be looking at it and it said he was a "FEMALE". Nobody had ever noticed it, maybe it is in the name:)

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

He is a cutie! I hope Lindsay is recovering well (it is so hard), I am glad you were able to be there and that she has your mom!!!

Claire said...

That's so fun your sister had a baby!! I bet you're super excited about it! My sister is having one soon too, and I'm way excited, because she is my first sister to have one. I checked out your sister's blog, I can't believe they were expecting a girl, and he came out a boy! That's so crazy!! Good thing they had a name for him, I love that name...good as a last name or a first name :)