Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lots of Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to me...yesterday!!! Happy Birthday to Shane's brother Jeremy...yesterday! Happy Birthday to the newest Chandler Grandbaby...TODAY!!! Lindsay had her baby a little earlier this evening. Mom and Baby are doing well. I want to give all the details but I'm going to wait so that she can spill the beans. Hopefully I'll see some pictures soon. We are so excited for Wynn & Lindsay. They will be great parents.

I had a low-key birthday. Shane is working right outside of Twin Falls this week so I packed up the boys and we came with him. I wasn't about to spend my birthday alone while my hubby kicks back in Twin! It has worked out well because we have help from Grandparents...which is really the best gift a Mommy could get! We are enjoying our time with the fam.

I got my birthday gift a little early this year. I've never been more anxious to use my new "toy." I have been begging for this gift for awhile now and Shane finally gave in and bought me my vacuum!!! Ya, that's right...vacuum! I LOVE it! We have been needing a new one for so long now and it was a glorious day when I took my Meile (that's the brand) home. We got it from my Mom's cleaning center. We did our research and are super pleased with the purchase. I'm the kind of girl that likes freshly vacuumed carpet on a daily basis so it has already been well used. Thanks Shane. You must really love me! Maybe I'll post some pictures of me and my new best friend soon.


*LaUrA* said...

Happy Birthday Amy! I am glad you got to spend it with family! You are right...having help with the kiddos is THE BEST gift a mommy could have!

Hooray for a great new vacuum!! I am with you on the daily carpet grooming!

And Hooray for Lindsey!...spill the bean huh...did her girl turn out to be a boy?!?!

amanda said...

thats awesome amy that you want and got a new vacuum. a true house wife. i need to make a trip to your moms store. i have a nice vacuum...but i guess there is a mop i nees annie tells me.

julie said...

Happy Birthday! You're in Twin..let's play!!!

Jason, Amanda & Brayden said...

Yeah for a new vacuum!! I also enjoy a dose of daily vacuuming...makes our house feel complete :)!! And happy birthday!!!!! I'm excited to see ya!