Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Still Playing in Twin!

Auntie Lauren is so good with the boys. They LOVE her...mostly because she sings to them and gives them TONS of attention. Thanks Lauren...will you just come live with me?!?:)

Cade eating a coaster with Grandma Lori before going to bed.

Carson with his first attempt at a biter biscuit. He just wanted me to hold it for him. He would hold onto it for two seconds before dropping it. We'll keep working on it!!!

Cade really liked it and worked on it forever. SO MESSY!!!

More to come!!!


The Van Noys said...

The second to last picture of the boys just might be one of my all-time favorites! SOOOOOOOO stinkin cute!!

And your hair is so cute...I have been thinking about a similar cut for a while...but I have never had my hair that short...so I just keep thinking and thinking...but I think I am going to do it...especially since I don't know anybody down here so I wouldn't be too worried if it turned out rotten. You look great...

and I think your mom and Lindsay and you should all make that face you are making in the first picture all in a row and show it...I have seen all three of you make that same face!! It is great!

The Perry's said...

I love the pictures of your boys. I know I hardly ever comment on your blog but I had to say I love them!!! In almost all of our little Carson pictures he looks like he's trying to poo or toot. It's sad. BTW your hair looks great.

julie said...

Cute haircut. Yeah, Laura's right, that first photo I thought, "Hey there's Lori and Lindsay!" Those biter biscuits are a double edged sword. They keep them happy and occupied for so long, but the mess after is remarkable!

julie said...

Oh by the way, if you're playing in Twin, you should play with me! 944-0235..no pressure haha! :)

Nan & Aaron said...

How do you get two adorable boys to look at the camera at the same time? I cannot believe how cute and how incredibly different they are.
We are counting down the days until we get to see all of you. I think you should just hang out in Twin while we are there too. Then the boys will get some real cousin bonding time!

millerandbrandi said...

I can't believe how big your boys are getting! They are adorable...and super photogenic! And it looks like they were going to town on those biter biscuits...my kids always loved them! They are super messy though :) Your haircut is adorable by the way.

Mike & Lauren said...

Amy, I saw your blog awhile back but not since your boys got so big!!! Thanks for commenting on our blog--I don't mind you looking at all! It's fun to see what other people are up to.

You seem to be adjusting to motherhood really well, especially with 2 babies! I don't think being a twin is hard at all--it's being the mom of the twins that is all the work. I admire my own mom so much more now that I know some of what she went through. I'm sure you are doing great. If I had any twin advice it would just be to celebrate their individual talents and abilites and don't compare them (easier said than done).