Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun Pictures

I couldn't narrow down my you get them all!!!

We spent some time with the Huszars this weekend...on their beautiful mountain. We finally got a picture with the boys and their new friend Emery.

An attempted family needs to be lightened a bit!

Christy with Emery and me with the boys. We were looking at Jason's camera instead of Shane but this one was good of all three babies!

Carson has LOTS to say!

Look at that irresistible face!!!

Cade's cute little profile.

This is Carson's "I want a kiss" face.

Cade...just jumpin'!!!

How precious is that face?!?

And this one too! Can't get enough of them.


Cheri said...

Do your boys have any teeth yet? Lily is still all gums, kind of weird since my others had a mouth full by now.

Jason, Amanda & Brayden said...

All I can say is Cade does make that bib look good!!!

Melissa Bastow said...

I got your blog url from Tamie, I hope it's to look! Your boys are really really cute! Good luck with the getting to sleep thing - all of our kids have been different in what they've liked to go to sleep. Right now we're using a CD that has lullabies to the rhythm of a heartbeat. It seems to atleast be relaxing. I was also going to say ask if your friend's baby always tilts his head like that? Our last 2 kids have had torticollis where one side of their neck is tighter than the other. They have had physical therapy, which has solved it. But without the therapy babies can end up with really lopsided heads. I know a good therapist if your friend is in Boise. Anyways...enough from me. Your boys are adorable!!