Sunday, September 22, 2013

 Boys wanted to have a sleep over together one night and shared a bed.  It's a total miracle that they actually slept.  Had to document it!
 This girl LOVES her brothers!!!
 Swim lessons got boring.  Little thumb sucker!
 Boy funnies

 On the Sunday before the 24th of July...Pioneer Day our chorister planned the coolest singing time in Primary.  Telling stories and Singing with a guitar around the campfire.  It was awesome!!! 

Tucker girls.  Brielle, Lydia and Lily 

 Our Chicago boys are now in BOISE!!!  Woot woot!!! half a mile away.  We love having them so close.  Cousins are the best!
 Caleb LOVES "Baby Yily"

 Lily's first time swimming!!!  She did okay for a bit but it was a little cold and eventually she went down hill.

 Proof that she does cry.  Not much but she does. :)

 We moved only like 5 days before my brother and his family.  We both lived out of boxes for awhile but its been great to have cousin movie time while we did some unpacking.
 My wake up call one morning...officer Carson!
 Boating with Tucker cousins!!  So fun.

 The Dirty Dash is so crazy and so fun.  Had such a blast doing it this year with Tiffany and Stephanie.  We went for a super hero theme this year.  Cade was kind enough to lend me his Batman mask and was a little disappointed to find out that I wouldn't be running with it the whole time.


 She's kinda my cuddle bug.

 Cade made sure I took a picture of every.  SINGLE.  Silly. Face!

He's awesome.