Sunday, September 8, 2013

Enough is Enough...time to catch up!!!

 Date Night Ropes Course!  Before Baby.  It was hard.  And awesome.  We were beasts. :)

 Cade flying his kite.

 My dad spent all afternoon out on the trampoline with the boys when they came up for a day visit.  He is kinda the best!

 My mom even gave it a go.

 Love spring blooms!

 My friends threw me the most awesome baby shower.  It was themed.  The food was amazing and the people even better.  I am surrounded my such gracious, loving people.  Such a blessing.  It was so fun to get to show off Lily Bean!!

 Johanna, Shannon, Jessica
 Becky, Tiffany, Jennifer
 Samantha, Stephanie, Amy
 Debbie and Lily
 Dayna and Christy
 Me and my Sis!
 Most delicious cake ever made by the one and only cake master Stephanie

 Jenn, Jennifer, Kenna, Emily, Dayna, Alycia
 Annie and Robyn

 Lily and Adia.  Just 3 weeks apart.

 Nicole, Lauren, Me, Mom, Michelle, Kimberly