Saturday, November 3, 2012

 Des made the long drive from California to Twin for a visit.  So of course, Stephanie and I had to take a day to visit her!  We went to the Twin Falls Temple, ate yummy food and chatted for hours.  So good!

 We sat by some Police Officers at Cafe Rio and what do you know...Carson and Cade worked them over.  Big time.  We did plenty of visiting over dinner and as we were leaving, one Officer came out with us and asked the boys if they wanted to sit on their motorcycles.  Heck YES!  Actually, Cade got a little nervous at that point and declined the offer.  Crazy kid.  Too bad.  That would have been an awesome picture.  Carson enjoyed it nonetheless.

 Green Belt bike ride

 Recently got to visit with some friends I've known since childhood.  Such a great night to catch up with Brookney and Sarah.


 Cade pretended to break his arm.  This was his sling of choice.  My sports bra.  And he thought of it all on his own.  Smart kid, eh?!
Scones at Merritts.  I would like to be back there right NOW! 
Backyard snack time.  Cade saw this recipe in the "Friend" magazine and insisted we try it.  Not too bad!