Monday, November 5, 2012


Dress up in our home is, well, an every day occurrence.  The build-up to Halloween has been taking place for the last 6 months!  These boys keep our days exciting.  As I type, they are out riding bikes in costume. 
Behold the turtles.  Halloween costume when they were 11 months old!

 Buddy Bear from preschool even got in on the action.  He is now Woody Bear.

This year's costumes.  It's Buzz and Woody!!!  They were the perfect pair and have played together like this for 2 months straight.  Really.  Cade went to Home Depot as Woody a few weeks ago and walked around tipping his hat saying, "Howdy" to everyone he passed.  In fact, one of his spurs fell off there and a sweet lady, who happened to know Shane from a job way back when, called us up later that night to tell us they were keeping it nice and safe until we were able to pick it up.  Tender Mercy people!

We carved pumpkins with the boys.  A first for them.  It was so fun.  I also roasted all our pumpkin seeds this year.  A first for me.  Worth the work.  They were YUM!

We went to 2 little parties, the Monday and Tuesday before Halloween, and dressed up with friends.  Happy Halloween from Harry and Hermione!
Our sweet little friend Ruby dressed up as Jesse.  She was darling and joined the boys for trick or treating.
Her parents even jumped on the bandwagon.  Matt and Tiffany as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!
We were also joined by the Huszar Gang!!  Emery and Carson picked out their costumes separately.  Great minds think alike!  So we had 2 Buzzes.  Cade kept saying as they would leave each house, "C'mon 2 Buzzes!"  They were so cute.

The four older boys.  Owen as a Nascar Racer!
Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours and that you too are gaining 20 pounds from the endless candy!


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Fun times....I love that we continue to make good memories.
I have gained more than 20 lbs from the candy :-)