Friday, October 5, 2012

Back in August...

 At the end of August, Shane and I celebrated our 9 year Anniversary.  Really?  Seems crazy!  Tom and Annette were kind enough to take our boys for a night.  So we dropped them off at Grandma's (you would have thought they were going to Disneyland they were so excited) and we made our way to Miracle Hot Springs.  Yes.  We camped.  Despite what you might think, it was pretty darn romantical.  Camping without kids alongside hot springs?  Yep.  It was fun.  Here was our little site.

 Can you see the water here?  Dark phone pictures are awesome.

 In the morning we packed up and made our way back to Twin.  We ate breakfast at a cute little breakfast diner before picking up the kids.  They didn't even know we were gone.
Afterward, we me Wynn and Lindsay and got ready to party at the fair.  Classy TF Fair.

 Chandler was refusing to smile in these pictures.  He cracks me up.
 There.  We got him to crack a smile. :)
 Hot babe taking in the beautiful sites and sounds...and the smoke filled air.

 Like Chan's newest "cheese" face?  Me too.  If you don't like his then take a look at Carson's.
 We only did a handful of rides.  That place is such a racket!  Boys didn't complain and enjoyed the 5 rides they got to go on.
Then it was off to the rodeo.  I had never been to a rodeo before.  Can you believe it?  I was impressed and am now a little more okay with Lauren's dream of marrying a real-live cowboy!


JoLyn Stevens said...

It's so fun to see to see your kids growing up! I feel like I know your boys so well. Hope you are doing well!