Friday, March 2, 2012

This & That & Lots of It!

Miss Amber is off on a new Texas! We had one last hurrah before the moving truck leaves town. As always, it was wonderful to eat good food and catch up with friends. Losing friends to different cities stinks. But Austin is lucky. Amber has loads of creativity, loves to shop, remembers everyone's birthdays and gives the sweetest gifts, is an amazingly dedicated wife and mother, can cut hair like nobody's business, loves chocolate, and sincerely listens to and validates others. So many wonderful characteristics all wrapped up into one person. Yes Austin, you are lucky! Lots of love and well wishes on this new adventure!
No, I don't make my children wear helmets as they swing, though it's not a bad idea. Cypress Park has great biking/walking paths throughout, making it even more awesome. The boys ride and play to their hearts delight.

Have you ever seen a smaller snowman?!? We didn't get that much snow but the boys were dead set on building a snowman. He's cute isn't he?!

Lets hope that sleeping with his hand on a gun doesn't become a habit!
Ready to brave the snow, complete with his new trucker hat...courtesy of our neighbor. He puts it on first thing every morning.

And it starts. Poor beloved Jeep has lost his first wheel. Moment of silence please.

Happy Hour Happiness
Date night with the Christensen's. Bowling and games and dessert crepes. Shane and I kinda got killed in the game department. Jake and Steph are quite the competitive pair!

I feel lame to post pictures of my hair. I know it's not that cool. But I've been focusing on small victories lately...and braiding your own hair is a small victory indeed!!!
CTR sticks for primary singing time. Program number 4 here I come!


Amber said...

Way to go- make me cry why don't you?? I don't deserve half of those nice things you said about me. But it was nice of you to say them anyway.
I sure love you. Thanks for being a great friend.

And I lI've cade's coat- and Carson's trucker hat :)

*LaUrA* said...

It IS cool to post pics of your awesome hair!! I love it...I also LOVE your sweaters/jackets...where do you shop? I wish I could do my own hair...but I am too lazy to arm gets tired. ;)