Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quiet Time Thoughts

While I sit childless in my quiet home (thank you preschool) I can't help but think about my boys. I don't know if it is because everyone told me FOUR was a good age and to enjoy it (mental game...our minds are powerful you know) or if it really is a magical age, but things are good. I really am enjoying everyday moments. They are playing so well together and can stay in their make believe world all day long. Having twins is pretty great! The other morning as the garbage truck was making its rounds, I teasingly asked Cade if he wanted to get in the garbage bin and go live in the garbage truck. He gave it some thought and just kept looking at me like...are you serious mom? As the truck came down our street I picked Cade up and said hurry...he's coming...let's get you ready for the truck! Right then, Carson got all teary eyed and blocked the front door. He told me I couldn't take Cade. When I asked him why, he said with a little quiver, "'cause then we wouldn't be twins anymore." Oh man. It was the cutest thing ever! Of course I reassured him that I wasn't going to take Cade to live in the garbage truck...the boys are used to my teasing but I guess this hit a little too close to home for Mr. Carson. :)

Riding in the car with these two is funny. They both start up their engines, rev their motors, hold on to fake steering wheels, and drive right along with me. And not for a couple of minutes. The WHOLE drive...no matter how long. They each make sure I know what kind of car or truck they are driving. That's important you know. Needless to say, they make their dad proud. In fact, the other night at dinner I asked the boys what they were going to get for their dad for his upcoming birthday. Cade immediately smiled and said, "A new engine for his go-kart!" Talk about a thoughtful boy! They love Saturdays with Dad and spend most working with him in the garage.

When we drive into the church parking lot each Sunday, Carson immediately takes note of whose cars are in the parking lot. I don't know how he knows what everyone in the ward drives, but he does. And then during Sacrament Meeting he waves to all his adult friends and takes note of who is missing. He is such a people person and can't stand to just sit still a whole hour until he can make his rounds. The other week I was getting after him to sit quietly the last 10 minutes or so of the meeting. He just looked at me with this distressed face and said, "Mom, you're driving me crazy!" I have no idea where he learned this phrase. :) Carson needs lots of love and affection. Have you read "The 5 Love Languages"? Carson's love language is hands down physical touch. He wants to be as close to you as physically possible and often is. He is full of love and shows it. Everyday he tells me...."Mom, you're kinda pretty" and "I just love you so so much!" He is the first to notice my hair, clothes, and accessories and is always very complimentary. So observant. He knows the way into a woman's heart!!! Carson is still singing constantly. We are still hearing, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," "Jingle Bells," "ABCs," and "Follow the Prophet" very regularly. He sings at the TOP of his lungs and makes up his own words.

Cade is very much into doing cool tricks and Kung Fu. He's got a competitive and aggressive side. He loves a good battle. I must say, he does have some pretty sweet moves. Whenever we have a Kung Fu show down and I fall over in defeat he proudly says, "Mom I died you!" Such a boy. He loves making skid marks with his bike tires, playing games, rolling in the snow, acting like Superman, jumping in puddles, and digging in the mud. And like I mentioned before, when it comes to his dad, he is his biggest fan. Caders isn't a huge fan of rules and completing tasks set by his parents, like most kids. But he always makes me a deal. He reassures me that whatever the task at hand, he will do it when he's 5. "Mom, I'll clean my room when I'm 5. Kids when they're 4 they don't put their own shoes on, just when they're 5. Mom I'll wait to write my name when I'm 5. How 'bout I eat vegetables when I'm 5." Wow. Year 5 is going to be a big one for him! He'll have lots to do...I'm keeping track! Cade loves having dance parties with me. He likes me to turn up the music and rock out. With every song that comes on he says "oh...this is my favorite song." His most consistent requests are "Rumor Has It" by Adele, "Don't Stop" by Foster the People, and "Hey Mama" by Mat Kearney. We have some good dancing going on in our house. The boys love to giggle and tell me I'm crazy. I do tend to get a little out of control. What's that saying..."Dance like nobody's watching." I take it to heart...and Carson and Cade are there to witness it. Lucky boys.

Life is good.


Amber said...

What a great post. You have great boys!! You are pretty great too :)