Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Girl-i-ness ('s a word!)

Something happens inside of me when I get with my sisters. I try to resist and act really mature. But who am I kidding?! I turn into a teenage girl again. It's true...and fun. I want to do girly things. Things that probably happen during every BFF sleep-over. This time it was extra exciting because of Brittany. Did I mention that my younger brother Luke is engaged? He is marrying Brittany Hobbs in December. My older brother is also married to a Hobbs gal...Natalie. Natalie and Brittany are sisters. Crazy right?! My only two brothers will be married to sisters. I told Natalie that it really isn't fair that she gets to have an actual sister as a part of her in-law family. It has been fun to watch this all happen this last year (extra fun for Aaron and Nan, of course). Anyway, we had the perfect excuse to be girly. We planned a hair party with the bride-to-be. It was awesome. Brittany has lots and lots of THICK, gorgeous hair. This was no easy feat to get it all up. In fact, when all was said and done we played "guess how many bobby pins are in Brittany's hair." She took down all of our guesses and then meticulously counted them as they were pulled out. Ready for the grand total....93. Holy bobby pins!

And then it kept going. I made Lauren sport the halo.

We took a walk/speed walking race on Thanksgiving Day. I started with some pics of Lauren's hair and it all went down, I mean up hill from there. She couldn't help but to pull out some model-esque poses. I can't look at these without busting up.

To top it all off, we gave each other manicures. We even got Grandma in on the fun. After some begging, she gave in and choose a sheer gloss.
I love having sisters and I love that they are my best friends. Spending time with them is something that I get giddy about...teenage girl! The two days I had with my family for Thanksgiving was just what I needed.
I will now try to sleep and push away all of the emotions I am having as my boys will wake up as FOUR-YEAR-OLDS!!!


Ashley and Dave said...

Dave's two sisters married brothers is pretty fun because their kids are double cousins. The only down side is they see eachother (and the cousins) twice as much as we get to see them since they do things with both extended families. Lame. It will be interesting to see if any of your brother's kids look alike...we have a couple that look pretty similar ;)

*LaUrA* said...

You don't know how excited I am to see the ring I made in that picture!!! It totally made my day! And your finger totally rocks it!!

Looks like you had so much fun...I really want to go home!!

Aubrey said...

That halo braid turned out awesome! I love a little girlie time. Just a little here and there!

Marie Photographie said...

I can't believe your brothers will have married sisters! That is crazy cool! I love that you got some sister time in. It's the best! And happy birthday to your growing boys!

JoLyn Stevens said...

Amy--You got skillz! I think you were meant to be a beautician! Those pictures of Lauren ARE so funny--and I'm excited for another wedding! Yay Luke!

julie said...

I was just wondering about Luke and Brittany recently. I saw them last Christmas time and was wondering how that all worked out, so YAY! And how FUN for all of you. I know it's a blast of hilariousness every time you get together. Love Lauren's serious pose.

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Amy, I think you have a future career as a hair stylist! Great job.....sounds like fun!