Wednesday, November 9, 2011


We've been growing Cade's hair out. I'm a fan. He has good long just lays nice. I spiked it up out of the tub to let him see his funny long hair. He looked at himself and did his best to not show any amusement...tried to hid his smile. Kind of like he did for these pictures.

And then, of course, Carson followed suit.

Lately, I feel like my boys' brains are transparent. They say exactly what they are thinking and are getting to an age where expressing themselves is not an issue. Nope, no problems there! They both just talk and talk and talk. To anyone. People love them because of how much they talk and take interest in others. Their curiosity keeps growing and the questions they ask are just cute. They want to figure out EVERYTHING...which leads to LOTS of questions.

Today, Carson asked me how the clouds come up. "Hey Mom, who makes the clowns up? Who does the clowns?" Umm...Heavenly Father makes the clouds come out. "Mom, what he do it wif? How He do it? Wif a button Mom? He just push a button Mom?" I just had to laugh. Classic Carson thinking. I tried to tell him that Heavenly Father doesn't use a button but he wasn't having it. Button it is!

Later in the morning while the boys were playing in the bath tub, I asked them what they wanted Santa to bring them. I ask this a lot...because I never really get I keep trying. They just don't get stuck on things. They will see movies and toys that they love (I keep walking down toy aisles with them) but then they never think twice about them again. They don't dwell...they just easily move on. So I made a few suggestions, which they were both fine with. But then Carson quickly started asking more classic questions. "What car Santa have? What kind his car?" I explained that Santa doesn't have a car but a sleigh. Carson just stared at me with his big blue eyes and said quietly..."Santa doesn't have a car? But Mom that makes me so so sad." For the first time, I also felt a little sad that Santa doesn't have a car. Poor, poor St. Nick.

Cade is Mr. Independent (during the Primary Program he stood up, looked at the Primary President standing next to him and said into the microphone, "I can do it by myself." And he did...perfectly!) and he has fully embraced the land of "MaKE BeLIeVE." I love to watch him play pretend...because I can remember doing the same thing. And he can stay in that world all day. His darling (girl)friend Sage has helped in this department. She has shown him the ropes and I am so grateful. Cade is always telling me who to pretend to be and the things I should say. "Okay Mom, petend you are Grandma Tucker and I am a dog...but I'm sad okay?" "Petend I am a monster and you are Mrs. Patricia...okay Mom?" We have long, long conversations in his desired fashion. He is testing my own creativity and imagination!

He and Carson love to play Primary. They stand up on our stool and say random phrases and prayers into a "petend" microphone. And then they stand up on the coffee table and belt primary songs at the top of their lungs and address each other as "Sister Tucker." Awesome.

People always say how wonderful it is to view life from a child's perspective. How very true this is. We are sure enjoying our boys. They are at such a great age right now...I want to freeze them in time.

Looking at them reminds me daily that the Lord loves me.


Nan and Aaron said...

Love it! Love the hair! Love the funny sayings and questions. Love the "petend" -- we do lots of that in our house too. Squeeze those boys for me ok? Man, we just live too far away!

Annette said...

And so do we live too far away! Love to hear and see what they are up to and to get ideas for their Birthdays!

julie said...

I love everything in this post!

Amber said...

I'm growing hendrix's hair out too!!
your boys are so super cute.

Amber said...

I'm growing hendrix's hair out too!!
your boys are so super cute.

Amber said...

sorry-- why did that show up twice? so here's one more comment just to say sorry :)

Huke, Lollie, and Gracie! said...

So so fun and cute stories. I love it and can't wait for Gracie to get there.