Friday, October 28, 2011

What the Devil???

I had a Halloween Piano Recital this week. In the past I've waited and held a Christmas Recital, but it is always such a busy month and it just ends up adding too much stress every December. This year I mixed things up with the Halloween Recital. It was so, so fun! The students came in costume to play their spooky tunes and the room was filled with so much was totally the costumes. They added such a fun dimension to the performing. It was a huge success.

Behold, the Devil, I mean...the Teacher.....! (hopefully this is not how they see me every week)
and a few of the other costumes...
Butterfly and Little Geisha

The Biebs (we had some Bieber fever!) and Officer Loveland
Nerd, Jester, Ballerina, and Football Player
They got my genes. :)
Check out this hunk! I think the stache is quite becoming on him.
I love that I get to teach music. Although it can still feel like any job, it is so fulfilling. And it is a sacrifice for my little family. I couldn't do it without so much support from the hunk. My little family (devilish and all) is amazing. I'm a lucky girl.


JoLyn Stevens said...

My Halloween recital is tomorrow! I'm whipping up forked eyeballs right now. My mother-in-law and I are playing a really funny Halloween duet called, "Monster Bash"--you should look for it! I'm glad it went well... recitals always stress me out big time!
Oh, and I LOVE Shane's costume. Hot.

julie said...

My Halloween Recital is Monday! Mine will last like 20 minutes so they're just coming to my house before they trick or treat. I'm excited. And you make a super cute Beelzebub.

Nan and Aaron said...

Wait a second, is Shane dressed up?

(this is Aaron, by the way)

Marie Photographie said...

Your costumes are awesome!! Seriously, so cute! I mean wicked cute! :)

And wow, you have a lot of students! That recital idea is so good. My neighbor teaches piano, I'll have to pass it along to her.

Nan and Aaron said...

What an awesome piano teacher! Do those kids know how lucky THEY are? There's one more reason we need to move to Boise -- so you can teach my kids piano!!!

Aubrey said...

what a fun teacher you are! love the sassy red cap!

*LaUrA* said...

Shane made me laugh out loud!!!...and just inspired Josh to dress up! Hilarious!

You are a stunning devil you.