Saturday, October 8, 2011

Green Belt

We hit somewhat of a milestone in our li'l family. We went on a bike ride...meaning...all four of us rode our own bikes. And not just down the sidewalk by our house. On the Green Belt. Oh ya. It was a risky move but it awesome!

We watched the Saturday morning session of General Conference, stuffed our faces with sticky buns, and then loaded up the bikes and set off in between sessions. The weather was beautiful and we did it all with friends. It was risky because it was an especially busy day was game day. But it made it even more fun.

I love where I live. I've mentioned that before, but I just really do. This forever long path is so fun and so beautiful. It gave us the chance to teach the boys to stay on the right side of the "road." They loved acting like they were driving all by themselves on a road. It was a high traffic day so obeying the traffic laws was a little more crucial. We road by the river, through trees, tunnels, and over bridges.
We even got to ride right behind the stadium where the game was happening live. There's nothing quite like college football...especially when you get up close and personal with all of the passionate tail-gators. Good place to people watch. It was exciting and the boys loved it.

We ended our ride at a park downtown. Perfect. I'm proud of my little men. They are fast on their little bikes. We rode quite a ways and they had no problem keeping up. I love my husband and my kids. Conference was wonderful as usual. All weekend I was certainly reminded of all of my blessings.


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Fun day....we love our adventures with your family!