Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy & Sad

These boys definitely try to ham it up to get what they want these days. These pictures with their facial expressions say it all.

This is the face I regularly get from Carson when he wants to show me just how sad he is. Cracks me up. Sometimes he really goes over the top and squints his eyes so that they are almost completely shut. And he loves nothing more than to be validated in his feelings so I be sure to comment on his extreme sadness.

When Cade demonstrates his sadness, he slumps his shoulders over and moups around the house. This is him trying to act it out.

Then he wanted to show me his happy faces.

Sad brothers...

I love you boys to the moon and back!


Amber said...

i love the happy and sad pictures! carson cracks me up. you have such great looking boys!

The Staley Family said...

They are so cute!

Emily said...

You have funny, handsome boys!! That first picture reminds me of Flynn Ryder's "smoulder."

I can only imagine what your life is going to be like in 12 years when the Tucker twins are handsome teenagers. I have a feeling they'll get lots of attention. :)