Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I Love.

  • Nap time! My boys still regularly nap. I'm not quite sure how I'll cope without this sacred time. So far this nap session I've painted a DI find, watched a show on hulu, washed dishes, and am now blogging. Nap time keeps me happy.
  • 3 year old conversations. Today I listened as the boys were rehashing part of our day yesterday. Carson reminded Cade how he didn't listen to Mommy. It went like this:
Carson: Cade you dint listen. You go in road on bicycle. Cade das a big no no.

Cade: I do listen I do! Stop talking me.

Carson: Cade you dint listen so no en-mems (M&Ms).

Cade: YES en-mems! Stop talking me Carson!

  • I love it when I take the time to make a weekly meal plan. Last week was so successful in regards to the dinner department all because of that. I'm not good at consistently doing this but I love it the times I do it. I have a few good recipes that I need to pass along.
  • When the Daddy comes home. All is brighter in this household once he walks in the door. The boys act like it's Christmas morning every time. What a nice thing for him to come home to everyday. Too bad it is usually coupled with a grumpy me. By this time everyday, I'm just done...thus the light at the end of the tunnel once he walks through the door. The other night he set up a small shelter/tent in the backyard. On family night, the lesson took place in the the rain. As you can imagine, the boys loved it. It is still up and the fun of it hasn't quite worn off yet. Love these three. P.S. Our FHE lesson started with a prompted conversation about Jesus, which Cade somehow interpreted into Santa bringing presents to our house. Nice.
  • I'm not a huge fan of rain, but I do love what comes with it. Rainbows really are awesome.

  • Having Twins. A lot of the time the past 3 1/2 years I think and talk about how difficult twins can be. I don't think I say enough how grateful I am to have my 2 boys. And even more than that...that they came together. What an enormous blessing. They would be beyond bored without the other. This morning they played in the backyard together. They were pushing each other on the swings and taking turns being silly on the slide. All while I got ready for the day (with my window open!). So fun to watch them enjoy each other. I feel grateful everyday that these two came at the same time.
  • A fenced backyard! Do I need to even expound? And yesterday we took a 3 block bike ride to the elementary school playground. Awesome. And one more block over is the pool that we will soon be frequenting. And one more block over is a ginormous soccer field where you can run to your heart's desire. I just love where I live. Really love.
  • Good books. Losing yourself in someone else's world is awesome! It brings great entertainment along with perspective and enlightenment. Have you ever been in a book club? They are also awesome. It's fun to all read the same book...share the excitement. And then you get to talk endlessly about things/topics that otherwise wouldn't come up in an everyday conversation. I love reading good books and I love being in a book club.
  • The other night we were talking to the boys about who their twin is? They can easily say that they are twins but don't quite understand what that means. They are starting to answer correctly when we ask them who their twin is. One night I asked, "Who's Daddy's Twin?" Cade quickly responded, "Mommy!" Made me smile. I love that 3 year old perspective. I could benefit from looking at life through their eyes a little more.
And...nap time is now over.
Until next time.


Amy, Steve and Preston said...

What a great list of happy things!! Nap time is hit or miss at our house and it does not make me happy one bit! I babysat Ty Wilker yesterday and a long time and Preston and him kept eachother so occupied and played great together. I imagined that must be what it's like on good days for you, so nice!

des said...

There's so much I want to say!! but mostly I agree about daddy. I'm grumpy and he comes home and all is well. my grumpiness needs to wear off faster though :)

Your twins are super special. Twins would be quite the experience. I have always wanted twins...I think its a common want- they are so cute! but I know they aren't easy. You are such a good mom to them, they are so lucky to have come to a special woman.

*LaUrA* said...

I love that they answered you are Shane's twin...that is sweet to me!

I also love their little argument/fight over listening to you...soooo cute!

I love to hear about what you are up to! And your neighborhood sounds quite lovely!

Aubrey said...

Cute post! I loved reading it. Loved the three year old conversation, kid conversations are the best because you get to hear whats ticking inside their little brains! And please to pass along your dinner recipes! I meal plan and sometimes its hard to be creative!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I am not the only one with M&M's, I had a bag in chruch today to reward good behavior. Almost made it through...we got to the closing hymn.

Im so glad when daddy comes how too. We had him home a lot for spring break and we had family come over and they commented "Wow, the kids are so happy," yup whiny for me, happy for daddy. I wouldn't call that fair.