Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ma & Pa Tucker
That's right.
We got asked by our stake to be a Ma & Pa on our upcoming Stake Youth Trek.
I was in denial about doing this for a long time. There were some pending circumstances that would determine whether or not we would be available, and we now know for certain that we will be going. We've had a few training meetings and I am finally starting to feel the spirit of this event. I'm excited. It really is such a unique and special experience and I'm grateful to be apart of it.
Both Shane and I were fortunate enough to have been on a trek before, as youth. The same trek, even! I think that's what has been weird for being on the other side of things. Makes us feel old.
Last night we had our "Family Sorting" night. 35 families were formed, each with 8 to 10 kids. Such a monstrous thing to plan.
We were anxious to find out who would be joining our family. We got our list about 5 minutes before the activity began. We know 3 out of the 8 in our family and we will get to know the others soon enough. We have quite a few things planned over the next 4 months to get us prepared for August.
Our first mission...GET IN SHAPE!


Stephanie said...

awwwww! No, but seriously, you look super cute as a pioneer. I was thinking about this and how much you will impact the life of these kids in your "family" and how there is no one better to do just that. They are lucky kids. Also, it's a really good thing that you are going to be part of my running group so you can get in good shape...right? :)

des said...

hey you look good! You'd think pioneers clothes couldn't bet cute- but you pull them off with style :)
I've been thinking all day about who your kids are. Can't wait to talk.

And speaking of talking- every time you talk about it you get me excited about it, wishing I was going. Your kids are lucky to have you. They definitely called the right couple.

(me)linda said...

I did trek last year and loved it. Have so much fun! You make a cute pioneer. :)

MarshandKrissy said...

Oh Amy I'm so jealous! We were called as Ma and Pa for ours and only attended the trainings before we found out the IVF worked...and all is history. The stories we heard from the other Ma and Pa's were amazing though. You guys are going to be perfect for the trek though...your kids are so lucky!!!!

textwagon king said...
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Emily said...
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Emily said...

I am so jealous! I didn't ever get to do a trek as a youth so I am hoping and praying we'll get called to be a ma and pa someday!

(The previous two deleted comments were me! Sorry!)

Aaron said...

Nice cowboy shirt, Pa Tucker! If you need any more to complete your trek wardrobe, just let me know. (Course, there's probably a decent selection at your local DI or Salvation Army)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the offer, but I'd hate to dirty up some of your fine shirts. I'm not sure that western style with pearly snaps quite fits the bill for "pioneer", but it's close enough for me. yee ha.