Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29

Today is our day. Our anniversary day. 7 years ago today Shane and I were married and sealed. It rained then and again today in our honor. How sweet of Mother Nature!

Speaking of sweet, I don't think there is a man that comes much sweeter than mine. He's just so thoughtful and kind...all of the time. And he was sure on top of things this year. He planned a great little get-away for the two of us in McCall. He has a generous co-worker that agreed to let us stay in their condo. We spent two nights and two full days in the charming resort town. We were just a few blocks from downtown McCall so we rode our bikes everywhere. So fun. We indulged in delicious foods on the lake front, walked through all the fun little shops, the art show, thrift stores, the farmer's market, and even hit a few garage sales of some of the locals (and found a fun little treasure!). Our highlight was mountain biking at Brundage Mountain. We rode the lift up, had the whole mountain to ourselves, and took our time making our way down. It was so great...and refreshing. We got back in touch with our adventurous sides. It felt like one of our dates way back felt wonderful.

A few pics of the condo.Texting the babysitters!On the chair lift at Brundage.

We made it!
Loading the bikes.

I love being in love. Marrying Shane was an easy decision and the best one I've made to date. Happy 7 years to Us!

Having a break from the boys was so nice. I needed it. But I'd be lying if I said that I didn't miss my boys. I even went through the pictures on the camera and that didn't help. I saw these...
How can you not love those faces?! I missed them...but they were well taken care of. They got spoiled rotten by their Aunt and Uncle! Thanks to Brady & Katie, they hardly knew we were gone. We can't thank you guys enough. Debbie also helped us out. Thank you to our family for always being so willing to help!!!

Now it's back to reality. I only wish I didn't have to wait another year to have an excuse to get away with my husband!