Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The 4th & Jump

We spent the fourth with some of my fam. Always fun. This year was the first that the boys stayed up to watch fireworks. They loved 'em.
And they love Grandpa & Grandma. They just kept switching back and forth between laying down with Grandpa and sitting in Grandma's lap. Cute.

The other reason we were together as a family was to support our amazingly talented sister Lauren. She was the female lead in the Jump Co. show this summer, "All Shook Up." The part was made for her and she was so fun to watch. She is awesome.
I spent most the week with her. And despite our 10 year age difference, I feel so close to her. I genuinely enjoy my time spent with her...she just makes me smile.

Unfortunately, Shane worked the week in Boise without me. And as much as I loved being with my family, I missed him more. He came for the show over the weekend...phew!

Even Aaron made it do the event. We had a great family weekend.


Justin and JoLyn said...

That is such a darling picture of your boys with your mom and dad watching the fireworks! And I hear what you're saying about age difference not mattering when it come to sisters! Oh, and I love your shirt you're wearing at Lauren's play! So cute!

Andrea said...

I bet the boys were super fun to watch fireworks together with. They are growing up too fast! I wish we could see them and play with them. We sure miss you all!

Nan and Aaron said...

We love the Tucker twins!! you're making me jealous again. I really do want pics from the show weekend. I knew Aaron wouldn't take any pics even if I did send the camera.