Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let's Talk About Cade

As shown above, Cade is very chatty. He has been for awhile now. He'll hold a full blown conversation with you and I'm sure in his mind, his words and thoughts are completely clear. However, there are a few things that are becoming clear to the rest of us...okay maybe just to me & his Dad.

For the record:

  • He has said "Hi" for a long time. Now he holds up the phone to his ear and says "Hi."
  • On Wednesdays, our Garbage Man comes. This is the highlight of our day! The boys stand on the couch & look out the window every week, completely taken by the garbage truck. This last week, Cade pointed to it & said "guck" (truck). He has said it multiple times since then, when he plays with his trucks.
  • He now is saying "cwack" (cracker) every time you hand him any kind of cracker.
  • If you mention "bye, bye" at all, he walks himself to the door and gets super upset if you don't get him outside quick!
  • Cade is a little terror around my house. He takes everything off on the end tables, but now he brings them all over to me. As much as I hate that my house always feels like a disaster, I love this part of it. Makes my heart melt.
  • Whenever he's done eating, he lets you know by throwing everything left on his try to the ground. He has also started doing this in his bed. In the mornings & when he gets up from his naps, you find everything that was once in his bed on the floor...blanket, binkie, his soft plushy, milk.
  • He is very observant. He watches Carson very closely & copies everything he does. This is SO cute, and I might add that it doesn't happen very often the other way around.
  • He is such a Daddy's Boy. Shane loves this!
  • He has some mad dance skills! Whenever music is on, he is quick to turn on his charm with his dancing.
If you could bottle-up the sweetness found in candy, this is what it would look like. Mr. Cade cuddles with any stuffed animal & most women. He has so much love in his little body with such a calm, sweet disposition. We love this boy!!!


Anonymous said...

Cade is a cutie!

Lara said...

I think your boys are incredibly cute. Everytime I look at them I'm like Cade is totally a Tucker, and Carson is totally a Chandler. Then I argue with myself thinking maybe it's the other way around. They are such a cute mix.

Dixie & Markus said...

I love hearing more and more about these two and their developing personalities. They are adorable.