Sunday, February 8, 2009

Carson In The Bloglight!

Carson is a little man exploding with personality. If you've spent any time with him you know that just watching this boy can entertain for hours on end! Here are a few updates on Carson.

  • Carson is all about facial expressions. He loves to copy & mimick any expression you throw his way. Along with expressions, he loves to copy sounds & noises. This is hilarious. He's not a man of many words (yet) but he has his signature sounds that put a smile on anyone's face.
  • Watching Carson entertain himself is so funny. He hits everything. Not joking...everything! If it doesn't do something cool when he hits it, it's not worth his time or energy. His favorites are balls. He wacks 'em, they roll, he chases them, he wacks ' get the idea. He does this every day, all day.
  • Carson gives loves by hugging your knees & legs...and slobbers all over them while he's at it!
  • Carson is obsessed with ME (which always makes my day).
  • This boy is always busy, busy, busy. I'm not sure what his rush is, but he's on a tight schedule and has lots to do. He's recently been given the nickname of "Happy Feet" by a family in our ward because he doesn't ever stop moving. I think it's a perfect name for him.
  • He is full of so much energy and enthusiasm that sometimes he can't contain himself. He ends up just collasping on the floor because he is overcome with excitement. This, too, is hilarious.
  • Carson loves to be chased, by anyone. This works out well with Cade. Cade will follow Carson, Carson thinks he's being chased, they both giggle. I love it!
Carson adds so much fun & excitement to our little family. He makes us all laugh everyday. Our lives would be so dull without him to liven it up! So, here's to Carson. We love you!


MAG said...

I loved reading both posts about your boys. They couldn't be cuter of more full of personality! You guys are so blessed!

Seely's said...

Hey! I love your blog, its super cute! I'm trying to get better at mine, I like all the stuff you have off to the right, you have to teach me how to do all that stuff!!! Volleyball tomorrow night, gonna be sweet! Well in the meantime, I'm off to find myself some chocolate :) Toodles!

The McGary's said...

I Love that your boys are so different. I love reading about them they just make me smile, they have the cutest personalities.

Andrea said...

These last two posts were way cute. I liked how you specifically talked about each cute boy. Look at you, you awesome blogger you! Your boys will appreciate it later. Just a side note, is it bad that Halle was exactly like both boys when she was their age? Handful I tell ya!