Sunday, September 30, 2007

I suppose it's time for an update, but there really isn't a lot to update. That's good. Earlier in the week Amy's substitute (her physician is on vacation) doctor mentioned that he may want her to go back on Magnesium which is the higher-strength medication that is in an I.V. and makes Amy dizzy and nauseous. His opinion was based on the first day that he had her as a patient, but after seeing her for another day he decided that the current plan was fine. Amy was relieved, but anticipates she will be back on the Magnesium someday.

Today we took a wheelchair ride. We took a quick stroll to a little plaza out in front of the hospital and had a photo shoot there (see picture below). Afterward we went over to the NICU for a tour. It was insightful, but a little bit scary to see. It was good to get familiar with that area of the hospital and to gain a better understanding of what our future might hold.

It was great to see John and Jana and family on Saturday.


Danette said...

Hey Shane,
You will have to tell Amy that I saw your blog on Amanda's blog and just couldn't resist. Amy is the most adorable pregnant mom I've ever seen. She is doing such a wonderful job being a human incubator! I loved seeing pics of her family and miss all of them, and the bridal shop.. I never thought I would say that!!! Take care and I can't wait to see when the boys arrive-hopefully in several more weeks =)