Thursday, June 6, 2013

2 Months and Counting...

I really can't believe we've had Lily with us for over 2 months now.  That can't be possible!!!  Unbelievable. 

Adjusting to being a mother of three was not exactly a walk in the park for me.  I wish that I could say that I'm an all powerful super mom and nothing gets me down but that's just not true.  Emotionally, I felt 100% that I had birthed a baby.  The ups and the downs.  Baby blues.  You name it.  It was so weird.  I kept saying to Shane..."What the heck is wrong with me?  Why am I so emotional?  It's not like I have all the raging hormones from having a baby!"  Wrong.  They were all there.  Our female hormones are crazy.  And frustrating sometimes.  Not to mention sleep deprivation.  Does things to you!  But after the first few weeks things got better in that department.  I wasn't crying every day for no apparent reason.  I felt like I was starting to get a hang of my new normal and getting to know my Lily better.  Every day just gets better.  And not going through the physical pain and recovery.  FAB.U.LOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep. 

These days I feel like my heart will burst, literally, everyday.  Too much love to handle.  Sounds silly but it's absolutely true!  I am enjoying having in a baby in our home SO MUCH.  Completely different experience than I had with my twins.  I have time to just love on her...something that I wasn't able to do as much with the boys.  With them it was all business and such a production to just keep them both fed, changed, sleeping, and happy.  Night times were dreadful.  Not so now.  Being able to just hold my baby is complete heaven.  And her smiles just make me melt.  She has my heart that's for sure.

Carson and Cade are amazing big brothers.  They are the greatest helpers and are so proud to show her off.  They have had to adjust to not having me available for their every waking need and that's been challenging.  It was just me and them for so long.  Even at their older age, making changes for a new little person has been a little hard on them.  But they are doing so much better these last few weeks.

And Shane.  He is the super hero in all of this.  Nothing gets to this man!  He is our rock.  And man...seeing him with Lily is just the best.  He is the sweetest to her and wants her in his arms right when he walks through that door everyday.  We love our Dad.  TONS and LOTS!

Now...some much needed pictures. 

Or not.  Computer is having issues.  Soon then.  This will have to do!!


julie said...

Still waiting.... :)

Dixie said...

You sweet little mama of three!!! I'm so glad you get more 'baby' time with this one. Enjoy! And, oh my goodness, sleeeeeeeep!! I hope you get some soon. That is rough!