Monday, December 13, 2010

Taking it all in!

So, remember how our camera stopped working on the day of the boys' birthday? That really stunk. We ordered a new one with some Christmas money. And guess what? Our old camera started working again 2 days after we bought the new nothing had ever happened. C'mon!!! Why does stuff work like that? Anyway, at least we have a working camera. And if anyone is looking, we have a spare!

We had our Ward Christmas party over the weekend. It was awesome...for multiple reasons.

  • We spent the day at home together. We didn't have much on our "to do" list and had some good play time.
  • Before the dinner, there was a special visitor (aka Santa). He came in on an old fashioned fire truck, all lit up in lights.
  • Families and kids were given rides aboard the engine. Santa was the driver. The boys loved it (even though it was raining and cold).
  • After the rides, they had the chance to sit on Santa's lap. They went right up without any hesitation and plopped down on his lap.
  • Carson's conversation with the Big Man went like this: "Hi. I Carson. I a good boy!"
  • Cade's conversation went like this: (after sitting down) "Trains." Santa said, "What?" Cade answered him again with, "Trains." I just started laughing and explained to Santa that he loves trains. Santa caught on quick and started a more detailed conversation about trains. It was awesome.
  • They both looked at the camera and we were able to get a great picture.
  • The dinner was YUMMY!
  • My boys sat at the table, on their chairs for the entire dinner. I am still in shock. I couldn't have been prouder and made sure they got plenty of praise.
  • We got to visit with fun friends.
  • Afterward, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights. One of my most favorite things to do during this month of December.

Here are some pics that documented the event.

Cold, rainy ride on the fire truck.

With my big boy Carson at the dinner table.

Such handsome boys.
Hope everyone is enjoying this fun time of year!


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

So happy that you guys had a great night :-) Ours was a different story!!! The best part was seeing you guys!

Jason, Amanda, Brayden and Dillon said...

So a little random, but I LOVE your bangs! I was just telling Jason that I think I need some bangs...want to cut some for me??